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  1. Guildedagain

    Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms sound

    A lot of guys went from a Paul to a Strat. He did it in reverse. Reading up on Trower the other day it seems he found Martin Barre's Strat at a rehearsal - Barre himself more known for using a LP Jr. at the time - plugged in the Strat and could be heard yelling quite loudly "This is it!"...
  2. Guildedagain

    Finally Changed Strings

    I could send somebody a lot of old strings ;}} I see CL'ers asking for them once in a while. obviously a guitar peddler who doesn't like to buy strings... I'm not one to mix and match brands unless I have to, but at one point this early spring while trying to come up with custom gauges for my...
  3. Guildedagain

    1976 S-100

    Things do go up. When it was said these go for a lot, I didn't realize you were talking so little money, comparatively to say Pat # Gibson p'ups. Sold...
  4. Guildedagain

    I Bought a Thing (an X2000)

    I cant help but fantasize about Guild putting a proper (hockey stick) headstock on their Superstrat guitars, and lose the inlays but thats just me. The on fire burst is amazing. The somewhat pink guitar in the original post could be slightly faded if the color is accurate at all. All other...
  5. Guildedagain

    Musty Case

    Yes, absolutely, don't let an oil contact the guitar's finish. I did light applications to areas that do not come in contact, below the headstock, inside the case pocket, etc. I've taken to using paper around a vintage guitar when I ship, like the old days before bubble wrap. Will that rub...
  6. Guildedagain

    New world record for most expensive guitar ever

    The Cobain legacy continues... The most ridiculous price in the world for one of the most ridiculous guitars in the world, compounded by one of the most crazy guitar stories in the world. Come as you are.
  7. Guildedagain

    Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms sound

    It scarcely matter what guitar/amp/pedal you use, the tones are all very similar. Nice old Les Paul, is it the one? I never cared much fro Mark switching to the Les Paul for gnarly tones like Money for Nothing. After the clean Strat solos of Sultans of Swing, his musical legacy was set...
  8. Guildedagain

    Finally Changed Strings

    I love a good string change. I try to keep stocked on strings, some great deals out there on multi packs ;}} I keep a log of string changes, usually by saving a sleeve for the high E string and writing the guitar and date on it, but these new all plastic packs/sleeves don't give much to save. I...
  9. Guildedagain

    Musty Case

    Dang, I just realized I still have a package of the Little Tree Pine Fresh air fresheners you'd hang somewhere in the car way back when. I had to have one in my Duster, Challenger or Roadrunner like right now. Too much smell for me now, but they'd straighten a guitar case our in a hurry, if...
  10. Guildedagain

    Check out what I got to work on!

    We have two Schwinn Stingray's I'm saving for grandkid that's still way too small. One's Green and Yellow, I just love those colors. And the other is a pink Fair Lady Stingray with flowers on the seat. Her mom says she's gonna pick the Green/yellow one, we'll see. Back to pinch harmonics. Who...
  11. Guildedagain

    Musty Case

    I had the strangest experience with a Telecaster neck I got off the net, an older Japan Allparts neck. It just reeked like old lady perfume when it got here. I realized the smell was coming from the fingerboard, Rosewood... I put it out to air. We live in the boonies, I can put stuff in the...
  12. Guildedagain

    Headstock repair

    Do you have pics of this?
  13. Guildedagain

    NGD 1971 F 50

    Sweet Maple. A guitar like that needs a little more bling on the truss rod cover. An outline, some gold, something.
  14. Guildedagain

    Check out what I got to work on!

    I had been aware of the Zakk Wilde video, but forgot... Maybe the only time I've liked him in a video, sans pinch harmonics ad nauseum. Paisley is a modern day guitar hero. That might the oversprayed Paisley Tele he restored. Flower Power ;]
  15. Guildedagain

    Musty Case

    Musty cases welcome in this house, it's just old guitar smell and smells ten times better than my neighbors Forester that's has two mutts cooped up in it on their trips to town. I walk over to get groceries they got us out of their car after they come home, and it knocks me out when I open the...
  16. Guildedagain

    Guild D25 M 1977 cherry red

    Good lord, it's the motherlode of Mahogany. Striking grain as always.
  17. Guildedagain

    Stew Mac String Action Gauge, Nut Files, getting everything right, Fender Strat Tele Content ;)

    Very cool video of the Fender factory shot by Forrest While circa 1959?
  18. Guildedagain

    Guild D25 M 1977 cherry red

    Very cool choice for a guitar, regardless of common age/wear issues. Price point isn't changing much on these, still like maybe the best kept secret in acoustic guitars. Post pics, I'd like to see it ;]
  19. Guildedagain

    hi Guild lovers i am here again with new questions....

    A headstock is almost like the face on the guitar? Something we endlessly obsess over it. Shape being everything, then color, tuners, inlays, overlays, etc. It's also the part that takes the most hits as you navigate through the maze of life. Ralf; I said weeks because what what the repairman...
  20. Guildedagain

    Robin Trower concert Mar '75 in Seattle

    3 years ago. Crazy how I haven't thought about him years, yet he influenced nearly all of my licks. Or we just play the same licks. Great minds think alike. I watched this instead of BOS tutorials. Why bother with tutorials when you can watch the master? 2019 Inspirational playing. As in I...