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    K&K vs. Journeytek passive? Suggestions on PU for acoustic

    I use K&K in both my F50Rs and in one of my JF 30s. I’ve been performing onstage since the late 70s and have tried many different pickups systems over the decades. The K&K mini is the best I’ve encountered because it amplifies the sounds of the guitar, not just the strings. But you have to use...
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    Anyone had a chance to spend time with a Fishman Aura Spectrum DI?

    And, no, it’s not a modeler. It won’t make your D35 sound like a F-512. But it will make your D35 sound like a great D35!
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    Anyone had a chance to spend time with a Fishman Aura Spectrum DI?

    I use one. Like Coop said, it’s loaded with sonic images of different guitar composition and mic types.Then you blend it with the signal of your guitar. You can load more images from the online interface. You can even select your own and save it... either by guitar brand ( Guild, Gibson...
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    I miss Al. Place just is not the same without his voice...

    Please do tex(t) him! I miss TX and Al too!
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    I own both Corona and Westerly JF30s. The Westerly is a little warmer sounding, and a bit heavier. The Corona has a bit more midrange. Neither is what I would call “a cannon”. But they are comfortable to play and sound good! The g/f had a LR Baggs system installed in the ‘92, and the ‘03 has...
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    NGD-F 50R

    Amazing work!! The guitar looks beautiful! Before and after pics would be kinda fun!
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    Guild D60 Rosewood

    I’ve had all three on all my acoustics throughout the decades, and I always come back to ebony! Bone nut, bone saddle and ebony pins. Best combination, in my experience.
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    NGD '97 JF30-12 Burst

    Wow! Sweet axe, and it looks like it’s been well cared for. But if she sounds “...massive, very full and rich”....with the 9s that are on it, why change? I would just worry about putting a heavier gauge string on an older 12 string guitar, that’s all. Especially if she already sings out with the...
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    Info on Corona JF30-12 ?

    Wolf, it’s a passive system, so you should probably use a preamp of some sort. That’s why you have to turn up your amp more than you are used to. Lots of great options for preamps, as soon as you learn what type of pickup you have. Take a look with a mirror inside the guitar and look up towards...
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    Work at home realization about my JF 30

    Oh that ‘ burst!!!! (drool)
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    Work at home realization about my JF 30

    And for strings... D’Addario PB 12’s.
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    Work at home realization about my JF 30

    And my Corona- built JF-30
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    NGD , to add pickup, which one?

    +1 for K&K Pure Mini (with sound hole volume control) and the Pure Preamp.
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    My G-41 tone

    Hey guys, just a tone question about a guitar that only a few of you have played. It’s kinda rare because it was only made for a few years, and not a big seller! I think it was a guitar that answered a question that no one was asking! LOL! It’s my G-41. It’s the jumbo-sized dread (17” lower...
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    Going to have to sell a couple of Guilds.

    Basically, I'm in need of a practical, good used car, and I'm a "cash only" kind of guy, so I'm letting a couple of things go! My 2012 F-50 and my 2002 X-160 Rockabilly. I posted the details in the FS section. I just don't play them! A couple of great guitars, if anyone is in the market!
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    Me doing some "Cash" with the F50R at a show last Xmas

    Dontcha just love it when you do a show for someone, and they say..."we'll get you some video too!"...and then you don't get the video until 6 months after the show? LOL! Well, I guess that's better than never getting it at all! (And THAT'S happened too!) It was called "Christmas, Country...
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    BACK FROM THE '05 'burst F50R...

    She's back home, finally! Yep, you can still see the scar, but it is MUCH better than when I took it there! Wasn't as bad as I had thought, and it wasn't really a crack thru the wood, touched up to "players' grade". (I didn't want it refinished or to disturb any other part of the...
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    Here I sit, broken-hearted

    G/f came into the office/ music room looking for something. I stepped up to help and the base of a magnifying- glass stand fell off the desk and onto the soundboard of my ‘burst 05 F50R, which was in its stand in front of the desk. Just a freak accident, but oh man....a couple of dings on the...