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  1. AcornHouse

    That Gary...

    Saw this on FB and couldn’t resist. @GAD
  2. AcornHouse

    Who’s that...that...that...that...

    This pic was posted in a Who FB group, supposedly of their gear in ‘71. (I have my doubts, John, for example, didn’t play Marshalls.) But, what do I see atop the front of house console deck? Is that not a WEM/Guild type Copicat echo? (Another good reason it’s not The ‘Oo.)
  3. AcornHouse

    Media explodes!

    I thought I’d hit the wrong button for a second. The number of compatible media types to link from has grown, AND HOW! Our benevolent Overlord has been busy again, I see. It no longer even fits in the box!
  4. AcornHouse

    Mic comparison

    Wasn’t sure where to post this, but I think it fits here best. Move if you must, O Moderators of Wisdom! Today’s video isn’t a song (well, not a whole song), but rather a test. I recorded the same verse using 4 different mics in a simple home setup of the mic going into a little iRig preamp...
  5. AcornHouse

    Robben Ford

    Ostensibly about his pathway to the Tele, it’s more than that, talking about his evolution and influences and, briefly, his first GOOD guitar, a Guild Starfire III. Enjoyable viewing.
  6. AcornHouse

    Bridge pins

    I know we get the occasional “what bridge pins do I want” thread. LMI just updated and expanded their bridge pin selection, along with a quick primer on finding the best taper match. So if you don’t want to go the Colosi route, and are looking for something a little more economical (with free...
  7. AcornHouse


    Continuing to annoy since 2015. Anyone else getting weekly emails from Piratebucket informing them that their “account no longer includes hosting”? Yes, I get it! You’ve changed your business model yet again and no longer want me to advertise your service with your watermark on my pics. You...
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    Got my Thalia Guild strap today. Black Italian leather with MOP G shield in koa. And a nice little carry bag.
  9. AcornHouse

    Guild S-60 on Norm’s

    Today’s guitar of the day is unusual for Norms. No high end Gibson, but an entry level Guild S-60.
  10. AcornHouse

    And the battle continues...

    These guys are what we’re up against. Not only does he think the truss rid cover is upside down, and doubles down in his editing with a graphic comment, when I called out his error in a comment, he TRIPLES down!
  11. AcornHouse

    ‘61 X-350B on Norm’s GOTD

    Classic Guild with not a lot of facts and way too much reverb. (No, I’m not a fan of him.)
  12. AcornHouse

    Be warned!

  13. AcornHouse

    Smothers Brothers on Hagstroms

    I just discovered a new (to me) channel on my satellite that has the old Smothers Brothers shows. Watching the first one and Tommy convinces Dick to “go electric”. I was astonished when I noticed that Dick was playing an 8-string (!) Hagstrom bass! Talk about being ahead of the curve. (At around...
  14. AcornHouse

    Chicago Guild (kinda)

    Yes it’s a Guild, yes it’s Chicago, yes it’s a nauseating song, yes, it signaled a dark period in the band’s history. I was watching a docu on Chicago’s history, and spied this Guild 12 string (F-412?) in the hands of Peter Cetera during an early live performance of their first big Cetera...
  15. AcornHouse

    What about Monsieurs?

    This is a Very specific banner ad! You’d think they’d use Spanish for the whole thing.
  16. AcornHouse

    Dead Starfires

    Phil and Bob playing their Guilds in ‘68. I just wish they had the audio and video synced.
  17. AcornHouse

    Gibson, Guild, and Epi

    Another show and tell from over the pond (as long as you’re in the States), this time with Gibsons, Epiphones, and Guild Starfire IIIs with dynas. And, of course, the ubiquitous neck scarves!
  18. AcornHouse

    Gibson, Guild, & Gretsch

    Not a shootout, just an appreciation.
  19. AcornHouse

    Who wants a “The Tree” guitar?

    Who wants a “The Tree” guitar? How’s the time to order that custom acoustic build using back and sides from the legendary “Tree”. StewMac has sets on sale! Now, as low as $2...0...0...0...
  20. AcornHouse

    Sometimes indispensable, other times...

    StewMac takes a lot of grief by some amateur luthier groups for the cost of their tools. And sometimes they deserve it. But they do offer many tools which are indispensable for the job at hand. Then, there’s this. If I took my guitar to a luthier and saw them using it, I’d turn around and walk...