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  1. Rich Cohen

    Three Guild Archtops

    Here ya go Jaguar. My three Guild archtops: on the left, the 2004 X-700 Benedetto, in the middle the 1963 A-500, and on the right, the 2001 Artist Award Benedetto. I put Thomastik Infelds on the X-700 and Artist Award yesterday, and had a hard time trying to stop playing them. Added more pics...
  2. Rich Cohen

    Artist Award Benedetto With Thomastik String

    Dear LTGers, I just installed Thomastik "Jazz Bepop" .012 -- .050 strings on my 2001 Guild Artist Award Benedetto, and I have to say that it is by far a pleasure to play. What definition and creamy sound they produce. And they are easy to riff on without much pressure.
  3. Rich Cohen

    Weird Benedetto Refit on a '57 Guild M-75 Blues Bird

    Here's something out of the twilight zone:
  4. Rich Cohen

    Pandemic Shortages

    Did you know that there is a serious shortage of available puppies, as well as bicycles in the US? A friend of mine who owns a bike store in C'ville has had his best sales in the last 3 months, March, April and May, outdoing each other -- sales up 80%. First customers bought the cheaper bikes...
  5. Rich Cohen

    Artist Award 2001 Benedetto

    Well, LTGers, I done did it. I've purchased a 2001 Artist Award Benedetto to round out by archtops! GAS is an amazing drug! And it's mint! I think it was in a collection, and never been played.
  6. Rich Cohen

    Artist Award Benedetto 2004

    Here's another beautiful Bob Benedetto Guild: a 2004 Artist Award play by Tobias Hoffman.
  7. Rich Cohen

    Opening Up a Guitar

    Well, this is a question/factor we all deal and struggle with. I hazard a guess that many of you will have aa opinion(s) about this question, so here goes. Tell us about your experience(s) playing your guitar(s) and experiencing how it "opens up." I use the double quotes, but it's something of a...
  8. Rich Cohen

    Dead Tone

    You know, it's occurred to me, and probably to many others, that we often complain about how one guitar sounds against another, and it usually has to do with the tone and the voice, and the power of the sound. Sometimes we remark that the higher end guitar is lacking. Well, let me suggest that...
  9. Rich Cohen

    Where is Pascal Bluesboy?

    I'm worried about Pascal Bluesboy not weighing in these days. Anyone know what's going on with him? I miss his comments, knowledge, and his expert playing.
  10. Rich Cohen

    X 700 Stuart Benedetto 2004

    Well I did it from India. I bought a Guild X 700 Benedetto Stuart 2004 jazz model. This is my holy grail among several holy grails oner the years. I am still committed to trading my D60 with Rich Peterson for his SH 402. What a blast during lockdown here in India. GAS is a rare disease. Rarer...
  11. Rich Cohen


    I'm 9.5 hours ahead of most LTGers being here in India. So I got to see Gary's new strait early. All I'm goin' say is GAD is a way cool CAD wizard-- but we already knew that. He has a cool job, family, talent, collection of Guilds, dog, and to top it all off, he lives in a cool state (but I'm...
  12. Rich Cohen


    Here's my experience with musicianship. Often, as I am playing my Guild(s), I am trying to move through various songs, riffs, trying to change up the way I play the songs, and search for "new" riffs. Nothing new here, we all do it. I've been playing instruments from third grade, maybe I was 9 or...
  13. Rich Cohen

    JF- 26 ?

    Has anyone ever seen a JF-26?
  14. Rich Cohen

    Muddy Waters on his S-200 Thunderbird

    Here a long clip of Muddy Waters play his S-200 Thunderbird at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 1968. Good pics of him begin at 0:34. Enjoy!
  15. Rich Cohen

    I Promise Pics

    After the F-47 Special shows up, I promise to post pics of my new acquisitions: D-30, D-60, D-50 and F-47. I'm glad my wife is NOT a member of LTG! How do I transact this? The 1934 Epiphone Royal + vintage DeArmond 1000 + Monkey Stick are on their way to soon, and I'm taking the D-30...
  16. Rich Cohen

    NGD Guild D 30

    Here are pics of my newly acquired Guild D-30 "Tennessee Orange" 2001 D-30 acquired from our upstanding Richard Peterson. This is a sight for sore eyes D-30.
  17. Rich Cohen

    CITES and Rosewood Personal Guitarq

    I know Adorshki recommends care in this regard, but does any LTGer have experience carrying a guitar (in this case a Guild D-30) overseas with a rosewood bridge and/or fingerboard, and having a problem with the immigration folks? I'm travelling to India and coming back with it, most probably...
  18. Rich Cohen

    Funky Guitar Smell

    What is more likely to be responsible for a funky guitar smell? The case or the guitar? If it's the case, then mitigating the case smell should cure the guitar smell? Or not?
  19. Rich Cohen

    Naptha Question

    I went to Lowes today to pick up a can of naptha. All they had was a can of VM&P Naptha. Is this simply naptha? The can didn't explain details of the ingredients. VM&P is not the brand name.
  20. Rich Cohen

    The Travelin' Wilburys "She's My Baby"

    Take a look at the Guild in this video!