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  1. dapmdave

    COVID-19 Information

    Personally, I prefer to see vital information directly, instead of having it filtered, spun, and dramatized by journalists and TV news producers. I've found this site to be a prime source of information pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. I'm a data guy and a GIS guy, so this checks my boxes...
  2. dapmdave

    Volume Pedal Question

    Last weekend I snagged a cool little piece of gear from the local craigslist. A Rupert Neve Designs DI box. It may not look like much, but holy crap does it ever make my guitars sound nice. And warm. So now I'm looking to change my rig. The one that I use to connect to the PA. The new box...
  3. dapmdave

    NGD! Oxnard F55e

    I swapped guitars with RayK this week. His F55e for my Orpheum 12-fretter. The Orpheum has been fine, but I really needed to put a pickup in it for it to get more playing time. But I couldn't bring myself to do that to the little guy. This is my first experience with an Oxnard Guild. I've...
  4. dapmdave

    Heard this story before?

    So I was surfing the web, reading about George Harrison's guitars. There was a story about how George acquired his Ric 360/12 which I found especially interesting. Here it is (excerpted from this): "GUITAR BIO: When Francis C. Hall, owner of the Rickenbacker guitar company, found out that the...
  5. dapmdave

    Amp cab tonewoods?

    I've always loved the sound of my loudbox mini but the cheap & cheesy cabinet covering not so much. I'd been wanting one with the African mahogany cabinet for quite a while but the cost difference kept me from making the move, and now they don't even make it anymore. I recently ran across a...
  6. dapmdave

    Rolling Stones No Filter Tour

    We drove up to Jacksonville last Friday night to catch the Stones. Wouldn't have gone but we've heard so much good feedback from the last time they were down here in Florida that we promised ourselves then that if they ever came back we'd go. Who knows - might be the last chance. And an...
  7. dapmdave

    A New Hartford-built Fender Kingman

    LMG attendees may remember seeing "Antigua" Fender Kingman guitars being built in the New Hartford factory in the Ren Ferguson days. This appears to be a later (and better-looking) edition of that guitar. The less-than-stellar reputation of Fender-branded acoustic guitars in general has likely...
  8. dapmdave

    An "Orf" NGD

    I ran across a 2014 "NOS" Orpheum 12FSHM, which in the code denotes a 12-fretter with a slotted headstock and mahogany back & sides. I had to take it down and give it a bit of a strum. Jeez... I'd forgotten how good these guitars are. The guitar was in a local shop, who had been a Guild dealer...
  9. dapmdave

    Ah, it's a NGD

    From fellow LTGer (and major enabler) "twocorgis"... (His picture - we don't do radiators down here) A 2011 D-50 Standard! Really nice guitar from the New Hartford era, which is probably my favorite. Thanks!
  10. dapmdave

    Merry Christmas

    Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Or, of course, a Merry whatever else you may prefer to celebrate at this time of year.
  11. dapmdave

    NGD - S7CE Peregrine

    Electric? Acoustic? Last week I snagged a Peregrine from Guitar Center. I like things that are a bit different, and the Peregrine has been on my "want to try" list for several years. This is the standard model, made in Corona I think. The serial number appears to be PRC309004. Mahogany...
  12. dapmdave

    Ngd jf-65

    I've been wanting either an F-50 (M) or a JF-65 for years. The right one just hasn't come along... until now! My new (to me) JF-65 arrived today. I don't have any pictures to post, but the guitar looks great with the exception of one piece of binding missing from the headstock. CME compensated...
  13. dapmdave

    Looking for your ideas?

    While I should probably just hang it on the wall and leave it alone, I play my Doyle Dykes a lot. Great guitar. Trouble is, it has no pickguard, and I use a pick. So, while I try to be careful there are times when I've gotten a bit too aggressive in my picking style (and had a few beers while...
  14. dapmdave

    Kind of Proud

    A good friend of mine, Austin Church, has been an artist and song-writer for decades. He's had songs done by several famous folks. Austin approached me about recording his next CD in my "Dave's Cave" studio, and I jumped at the chance. If you listen, you will find that Austin's music is...
  15. dapmdave

    Beach Boys & a Guild

    Ran across this... Carl Wilson with a Starfire VI, maybe? Can't see enough to really tell.
  16. dapmdave

    Finally... a feedback buster that fits!

    I know I'm not the only LTGer who's had a tough time finding a feedback buster that'll fit the slightly smaller sound holes of some acoustic guitars. My DD6 is one, and my 000-28EC is also just a shade too small for the commonly available busters. The other day, I got lucky and found one on...
  17. dapmdave

    Happy Holidaze to you all!

    Here's wishing all of you a great Christmas and a promising, happy New Year. And I'm really looking forward to seeing as many LTGers as possible at the end of January. Come on down! It's warm!
  18. dapmdave

    Tried these strings?

    Sorry to do a string thread, but... I had a customer order D'Addario Nickel Bronze strings last week, and had a chance to play them. I was pretty impressed with the initial sound and feel, and picked up a set for myself. I don't know how well they age, but so far, so good.
  19. dapmdave

    Three-eyed S-100. Oh, My!!!!

    Look what walked into Jacobs Custom Guitars today. It's a '73 S-100, originally (according to the label) in sunburst, which you can still see on the back. It sounds good, too.
  20. dapmdave

    T-bird Sighting

    Hard to miss the strategically placed Thunderbird in the "Reverb HQ" set. Vintage or re-issue?