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  1. hearth_man

    Ted Beesley Book

    Ted, thank you very much for your book. Your's is one of the two books I've used for Guild information over the years. With the maturing of the internet, sources for information have changed. Going back 15 years the people who had a good handle on this information were few and far between...
  2. hearth_man

    Update on Dreadnut

    Dread, take the time you need to get better and keep the posts coming!
  3. hearth_man

    6GW8 tubes Guild Thunder 1 amp?

    Fat fingers... "" Once you use a tube amp you can't go back. ICs and software driven modeling are amazing but they will never be a vacuum tube only circuit.
  4. hearth_man

    6GW8 tubes Guild Thunder 1 amp?

    I would check with for better pricing.
  5. hearth_man

    NGD - S65D

    Hey GAD, when are you going to do your S65D review?
  6. hearth_man

    Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull Guild

    Ahhh. Jethro Tull. It doesn't get much better than that. Ian has been such a great song writer and performer since the late 60's and Tull of the 70's was such an inspirational band for me during that time! I couldn't wait each year for their next album and tour. What a creative force.
  7. hearth_man

    Guild's lighter-weight archtops?

    I could be wrong but I don't think Guild put sound blocks in the X-175 and X-500 until the early 80s. Hans would know. At any rate as was said earlier with or without a sound block an X-175 or X-500 is not going to be light. As GAD said a Starfire II or something like a T-100 or X-50 or T-50...
  8. hearth_man

    T 100 D

    Thanks for the suggestion Grot!
  9. hearth_man

    T 100 D

    I have a '66 T-100 single pickup not the T-100D but it is certainly true that they have a great a acoustic sound and a woody amplified sound. I wasn't sure about the MM pickup when I first got the guitar but am very happy with it on this guitar. I also agree about the finish issue. Mine has a...
  10. hearth_man

    Start of a mini 6AQ5 based Herzog/champ build.

    Yes, a 6X4 is a great choice. For my quad 6AQ5 I used a 6AC4. Cathode bias and tube rectifiers are a great combination!
  11. hearth_man

    Start of a mini 6AQ5 based Herzog/champ build.

    The 6AQ5 has always been a sleeper tube for guitar amps. Basically a miniature 6V6. I built a 22W amp with a quad of 6AQ5s and cathode bias. It's a great sounding amp.
  12. hearth_man

    Open tunings

    Me too for 40 years. The only other tuning besides standard for me has been tuning down a full step for my 12s, both electric and acoustic, and one of my 6 string acoustics. All Guilds of course.
  13. hearth_man

    Soundgarden, the videos, S-100 in glorious action

    I'm not a big Soundgarden fan but I think Kim Thayil has used S300A-Ds as well, at least live. I have to appreciate that.
  14. hearth_man

    Bought a Mark III !!

    Hans will have more insight but 1979 was a transition year for Guild serial numbers. They went from a running count of all guitars produced back to have the two letter prefix for model and then a serial number. The other thing I think is interesting is that the "3" of Mark III is not a roman...
  15. hearth_man

    NGD - S65D

    The mahogany body and ash bodies really do affect the tone. If the Super Distortion and Dual Sound are essentially the same pickup except for the additional wires the difference is certainly in the wood. I have an S300A-D, ash body, as well and the difference between the two guitars is very...
  16. hearth_man

    NGD - S65D

    Gad, what is the year on that one? It looks to be in nice shape. These S65-Ds tend to be beat up and/or well played. They were priced well for someone on a budget who could not afford the S-300 but were great guitars as you've said. I have a 1980 and a 1981 model that each have different...
  17. hearth_man

    NGD - S65D

    That's why I have two of them. They get overlooked every time because it's considered a low end guitar in the S-300 series. But as you see it's a real player. It has to be, it's a vintage Guild.
  18. hearth_man

    Let's talk about S-250's & S-25's

    I agree. I prefer the unbound contoured solid body guitars like the S100 and S300 series. I also have an early 1981 M80 (not M80-CE from the 70s) that was contoured. Much more comfortable. I have never been much for Les Paul body styles.
  19. hearth_man

    Tuning machines, 1960s Mark IV

    Hans, that is a good point. My CCE-100 Is 21mm thick and the Mark IV is 20mm so I think the Schallers should work fine. I'm so glad I didn't have to look any more into the possibility of having to finding 36mm centers tuners. I am really enjoying the Mark IV but I couldn't justify a $300 set...