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    FS/FT SOLD - 2011 Guild D50 Bluegrass - mint, plekked pro setup

    Hello, I have a 2011 Guild D50 Bluegrass edition, adirondack spruce over magnificently grained east indian rosewood with Dtar pickup. The Dtar pickup is the only one Vince Gill will use. This guitar has been very well taken care of, played previously by a pro musician, bought from Carter's...
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    Help identifying maker of guitar

    A gentleman is selling a guitar near my hometown (2 hours away) that he is unsure the maker of. But, he says it plays just as well as, and is built to spec of a martin D-28. He doesn't know the maker but is sure that it is solid wood - it has a finish crack that goes from very light at bridge...
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    New Gear Purchased - I might be arrested

    I had been going back and forth with a very nice guy down in austin about his guild guitar - I'd send him a message, it would take him 2, 3, 5 days to respond... ill save yall the drawn out emotional rollercoaster... I bought his guitar tonight - 2012 Guild D-50CE STD - $790 shipped. I look...
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    WTB Guild D-50 Bluegrass - BOUGHT!

    Hey All, After much back and forth and tons of really good advice from members here and other forums - I have decided I want a D-50 Bluegrass I like the adirondack on rosewood. Sunburst prefered but not required - if you have one or know somebody that has one - I have cash on hand - so if we...
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    New Vs Old Guild D-50's

    I almost snagged a '79 D-50 but the guy backed out. I found a 2014 GUILD Acoustic D-50CE STD for around $800. In the mind's of those who have maybe played old and new - are the newer D-50's worth pursuing ?
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    On the fence - 1979 Guild D-50 or Eastman E20D-TC

    Hey Guys, I come to you because I know you're the experts. I have the option to pick up an 1979 Guild D-50 Sunburst (Pictures below), with case, for somewhere between $1000 and $1200 - Says to be in perfect condition - The case handle is falling off but other than that, the guitar seems to be...
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    Ensenada Mexico DV6 VS Guild USA D-40

    I just got done reading a thread on here about how the DV6 can\may be superior to the D-40. There is an Ensenada, Mexico DV6 up for $500 right now. If that is the case... that the DV6 is better than the d-40... i'd be crazy to not jump on it instead of the $1200 d-40? I just recently got an...
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    Factory Recommended Strings?

    Hey Guys, I recently purchased a D-150CE - Used - I put Gibson Masterbuilt Phosphor Bronze mediums on it - I was expecting the mediums to make the thing boom because of the larger strings - However, I was wholly unimpressed and the guitar in general did not play like I was really hoping it...
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    General opinions on Madeira P600m and Guild F-50 comparisons

    Hello! I have the opportunity to buy a mint Madeira P600m with case and dean Markley pickup for $300 listed, less after negotiating. I've been trying to find info and I've came up with it being a 70's pre-guild brand. Solid spruce and laminated flamed maple back and sides. I've also read its...