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  1. krysh

    bought: Guild Headstock overlay with G-shield or Chesterfield logo with pinstripes for my '71 M-75

    The overlay on my M-75 is pretty damaged, today even a piece in the upper right broke loose, so I'd like to replace it some day. I prefer a G-shield, since she is not original anymore, but a time correct Chesterfield with Pinstripes would do, too. thanks.
  2. krysh

    Sold 1987 GUILD Nightingale, amber.

    Hi all, now that I have my 1971 Bluesbird, it is time to let my exclusive no. 39/82 original Nightingale go, because I really love the semi-hollow sound more. I‘m the second owner and it is in very good condition with one small chip on the back of the headplate and some very small surface...
  3. krysh

    FS: 2017 M-20, Vintage Sunburst, K&K pure Mini - in EUROPE ONLY!

    I am selling this full mahogany parlor dream, because unfortunately I can't bond with it after buying it new a year ago. Body: Mahogany, massive Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) 20 frets Mensur: 628 mm saddle width: 44,45 mm colour: Vintage Sunburst incl. Guild...
  4. krysh

    FT: a 2010 F-30R Std. for a F-30 RCE or maybe F-65 in EUROPE?

    By accident a really great 2010 F-30R found its way to my home. Anyone in europe wants to trade it for a F-30 RCE?
  5. krysh

    NAD: and no, it's no Guild, but a custom built

    I ordered it before the Kemper hype which probably would be a possible choice for me now, but finally after 5,5 years I can welcome it home, at least the pure amp - I still have to find someone to build a fancy cabinet for it. But finally I can testdrive it in full and find out what I want o be...
  6. krysh

    which acoustic smaller body with cutaway to choose?

    since I'm more a leccie guy, I'd like to know which accoustic with cutaway would be the best to choose? I love my D-46 but it has no cutaway and I'd like a more comfortable smaller bodysize for this one plus I don't need a huge acoustic volume. my first suggestion would be an F-65CE but maybe...
  7. krysh

    How to turn a post 1995 SF-4 into a SF-4 1/2

    I always wanted a SF-4 with a tremolo, but I could't find one to my liking, since the guildsby likes to be used a bit more gentle. So i found the black SF-4 from drc and bought it because I had a plan: since this one is made made in 1998 and as all the models later than 1995 (correct me if...
  8. krysh

    WTB Pickguard for 1998 sf4 wanted...

    ... that has the cutouts for the pickup rings to make it sit between the rings, including holder pls
  9. krysh

    XR-7 wiring?

    now that I got my new old XR-7 pickup: how do I have to connect the cables to my nightingale with a splitcoil switch? ty in advance!
  10. krysh

    WTB WTB: GSR Starfire VI

    if anyone wants to give one into good hands shoot a message please.
  11. krysh

    pickguard holder for 2013 GSR T-400

    when I wanted to bend the metal holder to lower the pickguard 4 weeks ago it simply broke and hurt my fingers. since neither of the correspondence with guild or the fullers showed any satisfying results, im wondering if one of you guys might know which holder could be used without drilling new...
  12. krysh

    T-400 on stage...

  13. krysh

    WTB thread closed. ;)

    ...if someone might let it go, or has to...
  14. krysh

    old starfire 1 or 2 bass wanted

    hi folks, a friend of mine in the uk is on the hunt for one of these gems, since I'll keep mine. so, if you know one for sale, please let me know. thanks and cheers.
  15. krysh

    finally on the new board, too.

    so, watchout! ;)
  16. krysh

    1989 Guild Pilot fretless, modded with Nordstrand Pickups

    SInce my Pianist said that he really wants me to play fretless more often after I had taken my old Guild Pilot fretless to a rehearsal of my still new Jazz Trio, I took the plunge. I never liked the original EMG pickups much because of the bad tone blend and the somehow compressed tone that they...
  17. krysh

    WTB WTB: Jim Dunlop ROTOVIBE JH4S or great other vibe pedal

    can't find a reasonable price one over here in germany and the one I found in portugal was doa. I want the possibility to change the speed to bpm while playing (also a footswitch slow/fast would help), so does anyone have a perfect working condition pedal or an alternative for sale? thanks.
  18. krysh

    Withdrawn: 1974 HB-1 Gold Neck Pickup

    waxed, with splitcoil...... This one comes from a pair enabled by our Treem, that came out as 2 Neck Pickups. completely overhauled, splitcoil installation and waxpotted by our Mr. Hans Moust. It probably comes from a B.C. Rich, because of different wiring. top working condition. see pics...
  19. krysh

    my upgraded '87 with SOUND and live pics!

    ...with original 1980 HB-1's. I always believed the original EMG 60 didn't really do the rare bird too well. Thanks to Hans for his help converting the original chrome to gold with NOS Covers and polepiece screws, for waxpotting and for his patience and guidance for the wiring and soldering...