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  1. hansmoust

    Starfire III dating question

    Yes, they are original and the guitar most likely has the 'Special' designation on the label. Sincerely, Hans Moust
  2. hansmoust

    You know who could really use a signature Guild model?

    Something like this on the back side; top should be spruce! Sincerely, Hans Moust
  3. hansmoust

    You know who could really use a signature Guild model?

    ....... and we could call it an 'Eve-bird! Should be a 'blonde' finish though! Sincerely, Hans Moust
  4. hansmoust

    Guildsby tail piece missing screws.

    A period correct Bigsby would have had the removable pins like in the attached photo. Sincerely, Hans Moust
  5. hansmoust

    Ian Anderson on a Guild sighting

    In 1977? Try again! Sincerely, Hans Moust
  6. hansmoust

    Guildsby tail piece missing screws.

    Hello Jerry, It means that the Bigsby was added at a later date and the bridge as well. The person who did it probably didn't want to drill additional holes! If you unscrew the Bigsby you will get your answer. By the way, nice looking guitar! Sincerely, Hans Moust
  7. hansmoust

    Hot mess mods

    Looked at him real quick and figured out he was stoned out of his mind and most likely would not realize that he was getting back my brand new Westerly F-50 Bld. Sincerely, Hans Moust
  8. hansmoust

    Hot mess mods

    Demand that he leaves his guitar; he will only get it back after your daughter returns home unharmed! Sincerely, Hans Moust
  9. hansmoust

    Anyone else hate packing peanuts?

    Way back during the second half of the '70s when I started importing guitars from the U.S. it was mainly crumpled newspaper that was used to keep guitars from moving around in the shipping boxes. When business started to increase it became harder and harder for dealers, who were basically all...
  10. hansmoust

    FS/FT '90s(?) Owner's Manual

    Hello Donny, Maybe you want to send it to a friend of mine in the U.S. ? Hans
  11. hansmoust

    '61 CE100DP Vibrato

    Hello JayBecker, Welcome! The information given in that article re. the number of CE-100DPs with a Bigsby came from me, but it was an incorrect interpretation of the actual info I gave. The guitar that was the subject of the article was part of a batch of CE-100s that were serial number stamped...
  12. hansmoust

    I recently bought a starfire V and have some concerns

    Original pickguards can be expensive on the 'vintage guitar used parts market'. Don't have one right now, but send me an email through my website and I'll try to find you one. Something else that might interest you and some other readers is that the body was already routed for the earlier (read...
  13. hansmoust

    Walter Parks' Sunday performance. Some cool Guild content.

    Actually he plays more than one in that episode and he has a lot more of 'm. He doesn't have the history part exactly right, but that doesn't matter; the music makes up for it ! Very enjoyable to listen to ....... or I should say, I enjoyed it very much! Sincerely, Hans Moust
  14. hansmoust

    I recently bought a starfire V and have some concerns

    Hello Yafim, Welcome! Your Guild Starfire V was completed during the second half of the year 1970. Sincerely, Hans Moust
  15. hansmoust

    Local News of Westerly Anniversary

    While 'Anniversary' is most likely the correct word to use from a language point of view, I personally would not use that in this context and I would also think that a lot of the people who worked at the Westerly plant would agree with me (although I understand that the severance package was...
  16. hansmoust

    Rare '57 Guild M50 on craigslist

    ......... oh man, if it only had been an M-40! Sincerely, Hans Moust
  17. hansmoust

    Guilds Question

    Hello BamaBigun, Welcome! What you have is a Guild DV52 with a High Gloss finish. The D52 model designation that is written on the label is the result of bad communication between the sales dept. and the work floor. Sincerely, Hans Moust
  18. hansmoust

    Guild Deco

    Hello W.W., If I remember correctly Tom Jacobs worked at the Westerly plant towards the end of the '70s. The guitars that are the subject of this thread were produced by the Nashville Custom Shop during the end of the '90s. Sincerely, Hans Moust
  19. hansmoust

    My new family member....Starfire XII....question

    Yes, you're wrong! Sincerely, Hans Moust
  20. hansmoust

    What makes a good banjo?

    Yes that ......... and women banjo players! P.S. In Holland we do not obey 'political correctness', but we do wear a mask! Sincerely, Hans Moust