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  1. SFIV1967

    New Guild USA GSR models!

    Now look at this. All finished in satin NC. Guild announced today that they have delieverd 3 new GSR models to Chicago Music Exchange! "Our very own “Guild Special Run” guitars are the culmination of more than half a decade at the forefront of acoustic design and aesthetics. Each one being...
  2. SFIV1967

    NGD soon...first glimps...

  3. SFIV1967

    TalkBass - catastrophic fire - doesn't sound good...

  4. SFIV1967

    The Gino Tomaso "Guild"

    It was 10 or more years ago since this guitar was discussed here. Since all pictures are gone and even the old discussions were lost during the forum transistion some years ago I thought it might be fun to show her again. And we have so many new members in the last 10 years... Lets start with...
  5. SFIV1967

    Starfire IV ST Maple in Sky Blue

    Chicago Music Exchange sold this month a unique SPG made Starfire IV ST Maple in Sky Blue! But it had an old 2018 serial number, so was probably a one off that was sold via CMG. Ralf
  6. SFIV1967

    NAMM 2021: Guild Artist Showcase 2021/01/18

    Featuring performances from Jay Buchanan (Rival Sons), Shane Alexander, Halley Neal and Emily Elbert. Here's the recording of it (unregistered link): Ralf
  7. SFIV1967

    NAMM 2021: Westerly Collection F-240E

    Another model that was just introduced for virtuall NAMM 2021 is a F-240E: "The recognizable sound of Guild's jumbo guitars has been heard on stages, broadcasts, and recordings for years. Now that coveted tone is available at a player's price." "Jumbo shape at a player's price, the F-240E is...
  8. SFIV1967

    NAMM 2021: Westerly Collection "BT" models (=Baritone)

    So now the guessing can start, what the heck does "BT" mean... And the winner is: GGJaguar with "Baritone" !!! (sorry, no price to win...) Guild just introduced for virtual NAMM 2021: 1) BT-240E Baritone: "Combining Guild's historically large jumbo body shape and their legacy of pressed back...
  9. SFIV1967

    Ovation Guitars acquired by GEWA music

    12/22/2020 Ovation Guitars acquired by GEWA music The Adamas and Applause brands are also included Following on from Mesa/Boogie's move to Gibson, an iconic name in acoustic guitar has found a new home with GEWA music's announcement that it has acquired the Ovation brand from Drum Workshop...
  10. SFIV1967

    Christmas at Sweetwater with Doyle Dykes

    Great new 40 minutes (!) video from Doyle running through a lot of Guilds! A new Oxnard built F-55 at the beginning and the end, his vintage Starfire III, the new Newark St. X-175 Manhattan Special, an Oxnard build F-512 Rosewood and two Cordoba Nylon models. The sound is definitely worth...
  11. SFIV1967

    Newark St. Bluesbird videos

    Two nice demos of the Newark St. solid Bluesbird with the Seymour Duncan SH-1N and JB SH-4 pickups. They sound pretty good! Ralf
  12. SFIV1967

    Richard Ashcroft and Guild 12 string

    Richard Ashcroft, shortly after The Verve split, playing a Guild JF-30-12 ATB (I think that's what it is). Ralf
  13. SFIV1967

    R.I.P. Ken Hensley

    Another one in 2020... Ralf
  14. SFIV1967

    New 2020 F-55E Maple Oxblood Red, limited run

    There will be a new 60 pieces limited run of a F-55E Maple in Oxblood Red! Thomann in Germany announced it for November/December timeframe, no pictures yet. Ralf
  15. SFIV1967

    Mark Knopfler tribute performance for Sir Stirling Moss

    "On Easter Sunday 2020, the world lost a legend when Sir Stirling Moss passed away at the age of 90. Moss was widely regarded as one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time, even though he did not win the World Championship." "On October 17th, 2020, during the Goodwood SpeedWeek, Mark...
  16. SFIV1967

    R.I.P. Spencer Davis

    "Spencer Davis, Whose Band Helped Power the Sound of the ’60s, Dies at 81 Hits like “Gimme Some Lovin’” and “I’m a Man” made the Spencer Davis Group, based in Britain, famous worldwide and launched the career of its lead singer, Steve Winwood."...
  17. SFIV1967

    Doyle Dykes story about "Ren"

    It's about his wonderful Guild DD-6MC "Ren" but also has a few updates about what Ren is doing now (after Shadow). Ralf
  18. SFIV1967

    Doyle Dykes new Guild guitar

    Doyle got a new Oxnard made F-55 Maple ! Also he now seems to love acoustic Orange amplifiers. He's using the Crush Acoustic 30 and TremLord 30 models above. Ralf
  19. SFIV1967

    Willie talks about Guild

    Love it when he talks about "this guy is from the Netherlands I believe"... Ralf