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  1. Uke

    Where's GAD?

    Is it just me, or has GAD been missing for a couple of days? Who's driving the bus?!
  2. Uke

    1959 x-150 pickup, old or new?

    Does the pickup on this guitar look too pristine to be from 1959? The guitar is currently for sale on Reverb.
  3. Uke

    Dan D (Anyone familiar with this band from Slovenia ?)

    Accidently ran across this group on Youtube and noticed one of the members playing a Guild something-or-other.
  4. Uke

    Korean Epiphone Broadway and Guild x-500 (and D-55) fretmarkers?

    Why do these guitars have VERY similar (if not identical) fretmarker inlays? Excuse the duplicate pic.
  5. Uke

    Desert Highway Guild In Action

    Someone may have already posted this, but here it is (again).
  6. Uke

    Flat Wounds on a Dreadnought?

    At the risk of sounding like the village idiot here's my question: Has anyone ever used flat wounds on their dreadnought? If so, how did it turn out?
  7. Uke

    My wife's ears

    I practice my jazz "repertoire," such as it is, on my X-175 through a Princeton Reverb amp. This morning, though, I drug my Strat out of the closet to play. My wife, a very good pianist, comes into the room. I ask her if she could tell I was playing a different guitar. She said, "yes, and it...
  8. Uke

    Guild 12 String, Norman on Bass

    Guild 12 string on video from Norman's Rare Guitars, with Norman on bass.
  9. Uke

    Proper bridge on a 1965 Starfire II

    Does anyone have a pic of what the proper metal bridge looks like on a 1965 Starfire II. Mine has a rosewood bridge, but H. Moust has informed me that it is not what was normally put on a Starfire of this year. I'd really appreciate a pic from one of the experts here on LTG.
  10. Uke

    Guitar Repair Book Reviews

    I'm not planning on attempting guitar repair, but would like to know more about the "guts" of acoustic guitars. Is this book by Don Teeter familiar to anyone on LTG who would recommend it ?
  11. Uke

    X-150 on Reverb -- Shape?

    I believe there was a thread on this subject already, but here goes again. Does the x150 now on Reverb look a little strange when you look at what seems to be an elongated horn on the cutaway side? Bad photo, change in shape by Corona, . . . ?
  12. Uke

    Your experience with the Korean A-150

    Anybody own one of these? How is it REALLY? It interests me because of the top which doesn't have a pickup embedded in it.
  13. Uke

    Difference between westerly x150D and x175

    Could someone tell me the difference between the 150D and the 175?
  14. Uke

    Upside Down TRC alert.

    Blind, lazy, or both?
  15. Uke

    Who is Kaiser Soze? I mean, "Ren".

    Who is this Ren person whose name I keep stumbling on in various threads? Obviously someone of great stature in the Guild world.
  16. Uke

    Upside Down Truss Rod Covers

    What do you think? Is this TRC upside down on this Gibson Tal Farlow archtop?
  17. Uke

    Guitar History Books

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good general history of the guitar, along the lines of Jay Pilzer's book Six String History of America ?
  18. Uke

    Starfire sighting

    Just watched a video on Youtube from the Wes Montgomery Guitar Competition from 2015 in NYC. One of the contestants (in the wine colored suit) is playing a Starfire.
  19. Uke

    The Sound of Fret Buzz

    I've noticed on some old jazz stuff (e.g. Wes Montgomery) a fair amount of audible fret buzz on the guitars being played. I kind of like the vintage vibe it gives to the performance -- kind of like scratchy LPs. Just curious about other folks reflections on this. Are there any of you who...
  20. Uke

    New Wes Montgomery recording release (March, 2021)

    Just saw where the NDR Hamburg studio recording is coming out in March. This may be old news to some, but I was excited to see it!