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  1. hansmoust

    Guitar reference books

    Hello folks, Some time ago one of my customers died (not Covid-19 related) and his widow asked me if I would be interested in any of the guitar reference books that her partner had gathered over the years. I glanced over them real quick and I did not see anything that I did not have yet...
  2. hansmoust

    'Wild' looking rosewood

    Hello folks, A couple of days ago I received a question from somebody living in the U.K. regarding his Guild F-50R; basically he was looking for some history related information. He did send me some photos and while looking at them I had the idea that I had seen the guitar before. Now I get...
  3. hansmoust

    M-75 Cherry

    Hello bloomsdisco, Welcome! What you have is a Guild M-75 C or M-75 Cherry, which was a color and body wood option that was introduced during 1961. Several batches of these Cherry finished instruments were made at that time and most of them had cream covered soapbars or DeArmond pickups...
  4. hansmoust


    Came across this one and thought it was pretty good! Sincerely, Hans Moust
  5. hansmoust

    LTG Registration using an Android cell phone

    Hello folks, Received a question from a lady who wanted to register using an Android cell phone. I don't have the slightest idea how these things work. Can somebody help her out with directions? Thanks! Hans Moust
  6. hansmoust

    Check out the 'HARPARATUS'

    Hello folks, Was corresponding with forum member Sal last night and he mentioned that he had an invention called the Harparatus. It replaces the old harmonica rack in case you want to play harp at the same time you're playing the guitar or any other instrument. I had never heard of it, but it...
  7. hansmoust

    Groeten uit Hoboken

    Those were the days, before selfies, when people would send postcards to prove that they had been in another city. Here's a better view of the one from Walter's hometown: I guess that was the workingman's version; there was also the aristocrat's version: ..... and if you had visited my...
  8. hansmoust

    Guild DE-400 Ch.

    Hello Harry, Over the years I've seen the guitar that you once owned being offered at various guitar shows and in various eBay auctions; in some cases with different hardware and pickups. At the time you had it (and when I inspected the guitar at the Arlington Guitar Show) I believe the guitar...
  9. hansmoust

    Guild footswitch

    Hello folks, Hideglue posted this photo quite a few years ago. I came across one recently and I was wondering if any of you Guild Amp lovers/collectors would be interested in one of these. Sincerely, Hans Moust
  10. hansmoust

    A Guild First!

    Hello folks, Some of you may know that I've been a guitar catalog collector for many years and I still enjoy adding ‘new’ stuff to my collection. Recently I acquired a Guild advertisement that I had not seen before in that particular format. It may not jump out to you right away, but for...
  11. hansmoust

    Anyone living in or near Liverpool, England?

    Hello folks, Just like the thread says! I need a little help from someone who's living in the area. If you are and you are willing to help, just let me know! Thanks! Hans Moust
  12. hansmoust

    The Rhode Island Festival Honoring Les Paul

    Hello folks, Wanted to let you know about this one day event that will be held on July 28 in Newport, R.I. It's called The Rhode Island Festival Honoring Les Paul Here's a link that gives the specifics of this event...
  13. hansmoust

    Looking for Brady, who needs help with his Guild S-90!

    Today I received a message through my website from a person called Brady. Unfortunately he did not include his email address, so I cannot get back with him. He said he just joined the LTG Forum, but I do not know if his screen name is Brady. I checked, but I could not find a new member with...
  14. hansmoust

    This is not a political thread..........

    Sincerely, Hans Moust
  15. hansmoust

    For Sale: 1987 Maple top Nightbird GG

    Hello folks, Guitar is no longer for sale. Sincerely, Hans Moust
  16. hansmoust

    Anybody here from the London, England area?

    Hello folks, Have a question for somebody who grew up in the London area during the sixties and who is old enough to have frequented the London music stores around 1965. That means that you should probably be older than 60 to be able to answer my question. Anyone here? Sincerely, Hans Moust...
  17. hansmoust

    Question for members from the U.K.

    Hello folks, Since we have some 'older' folks from the U.K. hang out here, I was hoping that some might be able to help me with this. Attached is a photo taken in a music store in the U.K. around 1965/1966. I think I know which store it is, but I need a confirmation from a third party. The...
  18. hansmoust

    The Orpheum Brand

    There's something that FMIC doesn't know about Guild history: Here's a photo of an early '50s Guild headstock and next to it a photo of an Orpheum-brand guitar headstock that was obviously made by Guild. You can see where they removed the headstock inlays, filled up the cavities and sprayed the...
  19. hansmoust

    Arched Back Maple bodied F-20s

    Continued from Mahogany Archback F-20 on eBay: Hello Sal, That's what a standard production F-20 looked like at the time. Really cute little guitar! I had one for quite some time but I usually play guitars that are 1-7/8" wide at the nut, so when somebody came along who really liked it, I...
  20. hansmoust

    Since 1952

    Hello Dave, Guild was officially founded as a company during 1952. I guess FMIC can get away with the 1953 date by stating that no instruments were produced during 1952, which would be correct. As far as the first catalog from 1954 is concerned I did state on page 50 of 'The Guild Guitar...