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    FS Peavey Basic 60 Amplifier

    For sell is a Peavey Basic 60 amplifier in excellent condition. Bought new in 1994 and not one problem. It was used once a month at a Church or Nursing Home. Heavy at 60 pounds so local pickup only. You come and get it $100. If we meet within 100 miles of Dickson, TN the price is $125...
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    Go fund Me - 1972

    Agree with this
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    New Guild GF60R

    The 1987 GF60R arrived Tuesday and took it straight to Chris Bozung. He glued the neck band in a couple spots, put on some new EJ16s and called me today--said it was ready. It is, indeed, a "ready" guitar. I love the way it feels, plays, and sounds.
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    Sold DV52 1997

    Selling my 1997 DV52 NT with satin finish. Excellent condition and you would be challenged to find a negative in its build. It has very low action (my choice) and plays easily and sounds wonderful. Selling to fund a 1987 GF60 rosewood I just committed to. This will be the only place it will be...
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    GF60 0082 lose bonding

    Have my eye on a 1987 GF60R with SN GF600082 and have bought Guilds from seller, previously. And they were stellar - near mint. The GF 60 has hung on his wall since 2005. I saw the guitar two years ago and it was beautiful. The seller says one thing is the only negative and that one thing is...
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    Come up with an original, new, name for a band

    Got the idea from Brucebubs in thread "Capo Buzz." If you were given the assignment of coming up with an original, new, name for a band - what name would you create for your band? Brucebubs, already, has "Capo Buzz." Create as many as you like! Mine would be, "Can You Hear Me Now?"
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    Guitar string shelf life?

    I, usually, look for best deal on 10 packs of strings and buy 10 or more packs at once. The strings I buy have each set wrapped in, what appears to be, air tight "plastic." How long, approximately, will these individually wrapped sets be good? I know there are variables like humidity and...
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    It's a Kay - what year?

    Have a good friend who sent me these pictures. Any information on this Kay would be helpful.
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    Willfully Shadows -Sonny James

    Any Sonny James followers? Friend brought me a book on the Accounts of Sonny James titled "Willful Shadows" and written by Gary Robble. Didn't know lots of things I am learning about Sonny James like - being a Master fiddler and excellent mandolin player along with being underrated as a guitar...
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    Leave Christmas Music Like It Is Written

    I don't get upset, I just switch the channel when some noted singer puts their own take on Traditional Christmas music. Give me Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Gene Autry. Come to think of it, I don't like singers changing our National Anthem, either.
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    Aquired Guilds during 2020

    2020 had some positives - more time to play guitars and look for new additions, sell one or two and really appreciate a good pair of sweat pants or PJs. Will you share what guitar or (Richard guitars) you aquired in 2020? For me, it was 1997 DV52 Satin finish and it is a wonderful guitar.
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    Collecting Sports Cards

    Many of us grew up collecting various sports cards. We have turned our attention and money to guitars. But do you still have a few--I do--baseball, basketball, and football.
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    Christmas Star 12/21/2020

    Anyone get a good view or good photo of the Christmas Star? I had the bright idea of driving to the Dickson Post Office which is located on one of the highest hills in Dickson. Did not think it through, thoroughly, because lots of parking lot lights and lights from surrounding businesses...
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    Black Mountain Thumb Pick

    Let me, first, say I never used a thumb pick and just wasn't the way I played. Always used a flat pick or bare thumb but couple weeks ago my guitar teacher gave me a Black Mountain Thumb Pick and ask me to mess around with it a couple weeks. Still not my favorite way to play but must admit the...
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    NGD 1997 DV52

    Pictures of DV52
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    Applying Fret Oil On Bridge

    Just bought by a 1997 DV52 with satin finish and will restring it today or tomorrow. Want to give guitar a good cleaning. No problem polishing the frets and polishing them with dry cloth but you have a little "wiggle" room on the frets. However, when it comes to the bridge that fits, tightly...
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    Changing 1 3/4 nut to 1 11/16?

    What is involved in changing a guitar built with 1 3/4 nut to 1 11/16? My first thought was it would be simple fix - just change the nut and saddle. But then I got to thinking about the bridge and tuning peg alignment. Anybody have any thoughts. Thanks
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    D55 care suggestions appreciated

    Ran upon a very very good deal on a 2000 D55 so I bought it. No, I do not want to sell it! I tried to buy the guitar three years ago but seller wasn't ready. He reached out to me couple months ago and I bought it. It has been off his humidity controlled environment wall twice in 15 years and one...
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    Disinfectant wipes to clean guitar case

    Have a couple incoming guitars in next couple weeks. These guitars will not be delivered to my house---instead, I will meet sellers and pick up guitars. My question --- is wiping down outside of a guitar case with disinfectant wipes safe for case or do you recommend rubber throw-away gloves and...
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    Neck binding on Guild Acoustic Loose

    Have a friend that has had a GF 60R and he is thinking of selling it. He sent me a couple pictures and told me the neck binding was loose. Pictures were poor quality but from about 6th -- 12th fret, on treble side, very loose. Makes me wonder about entire neck. The rest of the guitar looks...