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  1. zulu

    Looper advice

    I think I want a looper pedal for fairly simple self accompaniment. Just for guitar but I wouldn't mind a mic input. I want to be able to record and toggle between at least three song parts-ie verse chorus bridge. So, it seems I need a three track (or more) looper. I've never used one. Any...
  2. zulu

    Fingerstyle technique question: muting strings

    I'm playing with a fingerstyle arrangement and I'm unable to accomplish the sound I want for certain sections. A muted string sound. Playing with a pick, I use the technique of resting my right palm on the strings just forward of the bridge to limit the sustain. Pretty standard technique...
  3. zulu

    BSGS - Bad Speller Guitar Sellers

    I'll start... Note the ducks in the photo:
  4. zulu

    Maybe I need a refret?

    I really haven't paid much attention to fret wear over the years, but a recent restringing with fresh eyes got my attention. I had to set the action higher than ever to lose fret buzz around the 12th fret. I trust a local shop to try and level and dress as best as possible. If I need a refret, I...
  5. zulu

    Garage sale find: vintage Duane Eddy

    ... vinyl album. Couldn't help but grab this LP for a dollar :) I thought it would be neat to find somebody that owns a guitar like this. Maybe they would like to have this album. If you have a DE and would like this, I'll send it your way.
  6. zulu

    Somewhere in Nevada, in a airplane hangar...

    A guy lives in the Eagles' Hotel California tour bus:
  7. zulu

    A Roman walks into a bar

    ...holds up two fingers and says, "I'll have five beers, please".
  8. zulu

    For The Amp/Electronics Folks

  9. zulu

    Early T200 circa 1986

    Next up on the block is this T200, circa 1986. The biggest flaw is a chunk of missing lacquer on the headstock. There are other minor dents and dings, but really excellent shape for its age. Since I've owned it, I acquired a new old stock bridge and control plate from Hans Moust, and had it set...
  10. zulu

    Sold-1988 D30 Blonde

    Edit-Sold. LTG donation completed. Thanks LTG! Just about as mint as it gets without being new. $800 USD shipped CONUS or $750 plus actual shipping elsewhere. OHSC. includes forum donation. Please see HERE for preliminary photos. Please note evenkeel's comments as he is the one who graciously...
  11. zulu

    Two magicians walk into a bakery

    Two magicians walk into a bakery. The first magician is a master of sleight of hand and says "watch this" and he secretly snags three pastries without the baker seeing him do so and hides them in his pocket. The second magician, being more of a showman, walks up to the baker and asks for...
  12. zulu

    Guitars whose sentimental value exceeds monetary value

    For me it's my Nightbird and my Starfire bass. The Nightbird because I bought it new and it was my first good guitar. If somebody offered me $100,000 I'd refuse. The bass because I've had it a long time and we've been through trauma (broken headstock) together. Also because it's been customized...
  13. zulu

    NGD Dearmond M75T

    With Guild taste but a Dearmond budget this season, I had to jump on this M75T when it appeared on CL at $275. Haven't had a chance to put it through it's paces yet as I just got it back from setup, but I've always wanted one because I think they look cool. 8)
  14. zulu

    AAARRRRGH! Missed a M75 for $500

    Well, I scour the local craigslist almost every day for good deals. Last week, I went 3 days without checking. When I went back online and searched for Guild, there was a black M75 listed for $500 obo. I immediately called and was told "sorry, it sold yesterday". :facepalm:
  15. zulu

    question everything

  16. zulu

    putting a coat of wax on history.

    Yesterday I helped Mrs. Zulu put the finishing touches on a detail job. While most of the aircraft we work on are just expensive toys, sometimes we get to work on expensive toys that are a part of history, like this 1945 P-51 Mustang. This is just a crummy cellphone pic, but trust me, we had...
  17. zulu

    Drinking and Driving

    (Stolen from another forum) I would like to share an experience with you, about drinking and driving. In the past, I have been known to have had brushes with the authorities on my way home from the odd social session over the years. Last night, I was out for a few drinks with some...
  18. zulu

    C, Eb and G walk into a bar...

    And the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve minors." So Eb leaves. C and G stay, and enjoy an open fifth together. After a few hours, the fifth is diminished, and the G is out flat. F comes in and tries to augment the situation, but he isn't sharp enough. D then enters the bar and heads...
  19. zulu

    Drove a $380,000 +/- car today

    Rolls Royce Phantom sedan, a 2011 I think. Belongs to a customer of mine. Pretty surreal when I thought about the value of what I was driving. Just think of a Guild shopping spree with $380k. Big, heavy car. Crazy features. Comfortable seats, obviously, of the softest, finest leather I've ever...
  20. zulu

    NAD Blues Jr.

    I'd always heard these amps are a great bang for the buck, so I've kept my eye out for one. When I had some PA gear listed on craigslist, a trade opportunity presented itself, so I got it. I guess there are some versions that are more coveted, but I really like the green tolex, celestion vintage...