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  1. Aarfy

    Truss Rod - stupid question?

    What does it adjust? I know the neck angle, and by virtue action - but how much can a TR do vs a true neck reset? genuinely curious (as someone that’s very nervous about adjusting truss rods on great guitars)
  2. Aarfy

    Am I just being too hard?

    Oxnard D40e. Noticing some pick scrapes on the soundboard / main body. it’s much lighter than any other guitar I’ve had. Sounds great but concerned it will become a trigger (Willie Nelson) before too long if I keep strumming the way I am - anyone else with an Oxnard facing the same?
  3. Aarfy

    Great start to the weekend

    Working a deadline, ended up on the phone with IT at 0100 - very helpful - problem solved. Finally turn in around 2:30 (with a 6am start 🙃👍) to find the leader who had been pressing for and stressing the deal to close today email me at 0730 to say : I’m traveling, let’s postpone until Monday...
  4. Aarfy

    Ugh it finally happened!

    My dogs got under my feet and caused me to trip over and crash into my D40 (2020 Oxnard) - some very light back of headstock damage, but more disheartening is the dings on the back of the neck - down by the 10-12th frets I’m telling myself it’s the life of a guitar, and I can still play (really...
  5. Aarfy

    NGD! F50 goodness!

    It’s a NGD here for me! Acquired this 09 F50 from @richardp69 and hoo boy does it sing! What a difference from my 2020 Oxnard D40 - different - no better or worse - but just wow! now I need to try and hold off on more - I think I have the bug!
  6. Aarfy

    NGD (kinda sorta!)

    Looking forward to diving in - I feel lucky with this find!
  7. Aarfy

    Guitar to banjo/mandolin

    I’m interested in picking up the banjo or mandolin - anyone here have cross over experience? I’m an OK-ish guitarist - mostly rhythm with some lead - but a fairly quick learner - any thoughts on best next steps? thanks!
  8. Aarfy

    Humidify Properly

    Any tips? It's the dead of winter here in the mid west and the house is dry (28%) - temp is around 68/70. My existing humidifiers don't make a dent - I keep my guitars (1920s super tone parlor , 2020 d40e, baby Taylor ((for camping etc))) in their cases - the d40e has a humidifier built into...
  9. Aarfy

    Capo Buzz

    Hey guys! As some of y’all might remember (probably not but hey, who knows!) I got my new D-40e a while back (it’s been well played and sounds great - tried different strings , still to decide the winner ) but when I’m playing with a capo it buzzes - not matter the placement, no matter the fret...
  10. Aarfy

    Mystery (to me, not you) guitar !

    Hi guys - long time no post - hope you’re all well! Im hoping you can help me identify (and then maybe procure) the guild in this video - any helpful pointers would be appreciated then I will be happy to do my own research ! tia!
  11. Aarfy

    How many Guilds do the LTG community own collectively?

    Just curious - seems like there are several NGD posts a week (AWESOME!) but curious as to if we think there is a treasure trove out there or if there is a small (this small) community that has a good number of the Guild’s out there? Thoughts?
  12. Aarfy

    P90 Modified??

    I know the model ref is incorrect (I think) in the add, but I’m posting here rather than for sale as I’m more interested in whether it’s anywhere close to normal to add a pickup like has been done on this model? And if so, why? And has it been done well on this model - I’ve no interest in...
  13. Aarfy

    the acoustic lineup

    I have an Oxnard D-40 and a 1930s Supertone I bought from fat dawg at Subway Guitars in Berkeley CA if anyone knows him. A Martin DM my brother has inherited and a baby Taylor for camping. I’ve a couple others here and there but mostly not used due to geography. I want to add (I’ve got the...
  14. Aarfy


    If anyone has or knows one for sale please let me know - looking for an 80s bird and not had luck to date! Thanks! A
  15. Aarfy

    T50 Slim

    I am looking at an ad for a t50 slim. No year details etc, only one pic. It’s local so can go play - I have a 1959 or early 60s Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gent which is a stunner, but I’m interested in expanding my electric collection. Any thoughts on the T50 generally, or pricing etc ? Any...
  16. Aarfy

    Oxnard D40s

    Hi all, first post. I’ve just bought and received an Oxnard (2020) D40e. Ive been longing for a guild ever since I picked up one 10 or so years ago and it was a weight, hearty acoustic. I’ve read the threads, but haven’t seen much on people who have Oxnard dreads. So far, I’m liking the sound...