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    Strings: Billy That Is!

    I've been spiraling out of control headlong down a Billy Strings wormhole. And that is leading me towards Doc Watson. All I can do when I pick up a guitar is work on Tennessee Stud and this version of Summertime. But this is a PSA post to let you know about this...
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    Got me a cheap mandolin from the Stupid Deal of the Day. Not too bad for $50. Great fun learning chords and riffs. Now I'll have to get a good one someday!
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    Sick Of Xmas Music

    Listening to and watching a Willie Nelson concert from 1999 at Woodstock on Youtube right now. Playing a great version of Crazy that he just morphed into The Night Life Ain't No Good Life... as I am typing.
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    Philosophies Of Raking

    So I just finished raking the yard. I like to let all the leaves fall and then rake once, the old fashioned way. I use a rake. What really annoys me is all those 2-stroke leaf blowers blowing constantly throughout the neighborhood. Why do you need to do it every week? What are you doing...
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    David Byrne's American Utopia HBO

    We watched it last night and it was really good. If we can and if it returns to Broadway next September as scheduled we will try to go. He played his acoustic Guild (Same one that has been discussed here in the past) on a few songs. He even hugged it at one point.
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    Farm Aid

    We watched Farm Aid on AXS last night. Kind of sleepy. Lots of so so sounding Gibsons along with some great ones as well. Chris Stapleton's Epi sounded very nice. Nora (snora) Jones's recording has a bunch of wind in the mic noise or something but most artists had decent sound. Of course...
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    Appropriate Song To Play

    I am going to volunteer to play a song at a ski club friend's memorial service. she passed a few months ago, not from Covid, but after a 10+ year battle with breast cancer. The service invitations says "In celebration of a life well lived. What song should I play? Happy or sad? Hopeful or...
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    Finally Changed Strings

    18 on 2 guitars yesterday. Man they sound soo much better now.
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    Songs You Never Learned But Should

    A recent thread made me realize that I have never learned Stairway To Heaven. Until fairly recently asked to add it to a set list for a gig, I had never learned Blackbird. (Lately, I play it almost every time I practice.) Give a Little Bit is one I should have in my tool kit to play on my 12...
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    Rainy Day Noodle

    Hey Rayk seems I was unable to rise to the one night only challenge. But I noodled today!
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    My Herd

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    Acoustic Boost Pedal?

    I have been playing acoustics more with my newest band project and have just started another Americana/jamgrass project where I also mostly play my G37 with it's K&K Pure Mini through a Fishman preamp into a PA. I am thinking about getting some kind of boost to give me some more volume for...
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    2 Guitar Hanging Stand For Gigs?

    I am about to start gigging with an acoustic project and will be bringing my G37 and F412 out. The G37 is scratched and=dinged and checked and I don't worry too much about her, but, my 412, Dozen, is pristine. I am looking for a good, stable stand. Thinking a hanger style might be more secure...
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    Jut Got Back From Local Sam Ash And...

    I, very briefly, played 4 Guild Westerly Collection Guitars. All had super old strings and sounded like crap. Played a really nice sounding and playing Martin D18 asking price around $3,500. None of the others sounded as good, to my ears as my old G37. I played a 2K Gibson that sounded...
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    Saw The Who Last Night

    In NYC at MSG. Simon Townsend played a Guild 12 string acoustic on 2 songs. I think it was 1512. They were really, really good and Pete still has the best right and in rock.
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    Should We Play El Paso?

    My About Half Dead band is playing a gig Friday after next and we cover the great Marty Robbins song, El Paso, which the Dead covered as well. Most of the band thinks we should not play it our of respect to the victims of the shooting at the Wal Mart there last Saturday. I'm thinking maybe we...
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    Love the guitar in this version... singer ain't bad either.
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    Going To Interesting Show In NYC

    Just picked up tickets to the Immediate Family Band at Les Paul's old hangout, The Iridium. Immediate Family band is Danny Kortchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Leland Sklar and Russ Kunkel. If anyone in the area is interested we are going Wednesday 11/28. Some really, truly, completely awesome players!
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    Found A Couple New New Hartford Guilds

    So we are on a western vacations and were driving from Montrose, CO to Moab, UT. and we stopped in Grand Junction, CO for a bite to eat. Just happened to park in front of J.B. Hart Music and they had a neon Guild sign in the window. Of course we went in. Jan Hart is a super nice guy and I...
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    Playing an After-Funeral Party

    An old friend died suddenly this past week and I am going to be playing a couple of songs solo at the party at his house after the funeral on Monday. He was a Dead Head and also played guitar... had a smaller body older Guild I remember but don't remember the model. I am thinking of playing...