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    Merton Aloicious, he cain't write...

    Great movie! With one memorable line after another. "Ain't this place a geographical oddity . . . two weeks from everywhere!" "Is you is, or is you ain't, mah constituents?!?"
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    1994 Guild D4-12 Overhaul

    Wow. What exemplary craftsmanship! Did you have any difficulty with the body's shape becoming distorted while the top was off?
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    Man I love cold beer.

    Oy . . . just to be clear, is a "yuper" someone from the Upper Peninsula?
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    Where's GAD?

    Good band name, by the way . . . "GAD and the Hot Mess Mods". :cool:
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    Starfire III dating question

    Welcome . . . Your guitar was probably built during the first half or so of 1970. The s/n system changed to all numbers sometime later in 1970.
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    Looking for value of Mark VII Custom

    That person hasn't posted since June of last year, but you might try sending him a private message ("start conversation") from his profile: Bobett's profile
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    21 year old Bonnie Raitt opening for the Byrds back in 1971!!!

    Regardless of whether it is a bootleg, it is a very good-quality recording. With a nice mix of classic blues, some of Ms. Raitt's own songs, and covers of tunes written by Stephen Stills, Jackson Browne, Steve Winwood, and more. A very enjoyable listen.
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    12 string Guilds under $1000

    Welcome . . . Sounds like your Takamine would benefit from a professional setup, assuming it isn't in need of a neck reset. The Guild F2512E appears to be only about $500, but a case will cost extra. Maybe you can try one when you visit the USA.
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    good new music?

    Just stumbled across this video . . . so, new to me anyways:
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    Man I love cold beer.

    Did someone say "beer"?
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    Questions from a new 1970 S100 Owner

    I think that method of speedy string winding would be fine if a single broken string needed to be replaced quickly. But I agree re: not cutting a string in the middle prior to replacement, if it was under tension.
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    Hot mess mods

    Geez. Just buy a Gretsch, already, if that's what floats your boat:
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    Will I did it again .

    Congrats, Ray. Please forgive this veer . . . your post reminded me of Richard Thompson covering Brittany Speers' "Oops, I Did It Again", from his "1,000 Years of Popular Music" show:
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    Questions from a new 1970 S100 Owner

    I like that speedy re-stringing method. :cool: First saw it on a video from Lark Street Music in New Jersey (mentioned by this fellow as he began re-stringing the guitar). Lark Street is owned by a guy name Buzzy Levine, the older brother of one of my favorite Boston-area guitar players, Duke...
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    21 year old Bonnie Raitt opening for the Byrds back in 1971!!!

    If y'all enjoy early Bonnie Raitt, you might enjoy this album: Bonnie Raitt - The Lost Broadcast - Philadelphia 1972
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    RIP Prince Philip

    I'm guessing that being a Knight of the Garter isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds (lingerie inspector?). And Privy Counselor probably isn't as bad as it sounds (outhouse advisor?). 99 years is certainly a fine run. Imagine all the changes that one would observe, by living nearly a century.
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    BGUF - Beautiful Guitar, Ugly Feet

    "Krakatoa", LOL!
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    Tiger Woods in rollover car accident, sustained multiple leg injuries...

    I would argue that nearly doubling the posted speed limit in a SUV, on a road that locals say can only be negotiated by a high-end supercar and a professional driver at those speeds, with no effort made to brake or back off on the gas pedal, is good enough reason to consider the possibility of...
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    Tiger Woods in rollover car accident, sustained multiple leg injuries...

    I was surprised that the police didn't even try to have blood samples tested for alcohol or drugs after that (obviously high-speed) crash. They certainly would have if a non-celebrity driver was at the wheel.
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    Hot mess mods

    Well, Bob might actually be her uncle . . . But the "Bob" she is referring to (in the "cool but creepy" thread) is Bob Weir, rhythm guitarist for the Grateful Dead.