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    The Collings Dread "Colleen" Got Her Hair Done

    <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a> Gold engraved Waverly open backs. West
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    Check out the Thalia phone covers West
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    Just Saw This On FB.

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    New Stand

    And I think I'm liking it. Very well made, and extremely stable. West
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    One My Texas Country Heroes

    I thought the Guild crowd might appreciate this. The great Walt Wilkins. West
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    Don't worry, this is not one of those "what strings would you recommend threads". I thought this fascinating. They say this guy is a fair guitar player with a small amount of knowledge. A guitar can reach a point where it no longer REALLY responds to the same strings...
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    Hanging Guitars

    I read this article in AG magazine last night and thought it interesting......especially the part about countering string pull stress by hanging guitars by the headstock. West
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    Texas Music Legend Walt Wilkins

    Last year, while on an extended stay in Fredericksburg, Texas, Mrs. West and I drove out to Comfort, Tx. for a way of of the way hole in the wall diner we'd heard of on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. On the way back, out in the middle of nowhere, we saw a sign directing us to Luckenbach (we'd...
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    Thought You'd Enjoy Some of His Guild Stuff

    If I were in Guild "marketing", I'd have this plastered all over the internet, with Keith's permission of course. I'd posted a couple of these in the past, but hadn't watched in a while. I wish Guild would go back to a J45 style slope jumbo again.
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    Just a reminder. Here in East Texas our humidity for about 10 months of the year remains relatively stable at around 50%. Sometimes it fluctuates between 42% to 52%. This time of the year, on cold days we turn our central heat on and yesterday the humidity in that room dropped to 24%. I keep...
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    DV52 and D55

    Like Russ, I'm forced to make room myself in order to keep the peace here. It's with serious reservations that I'll part with 2 of mine. I've just bought a Collings and the little woman says something must go. That left me with the horrible choice of selecting two to sell. As some of you know...
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    New Hartford Guild Lovers

    I don't come around often anymore, so this has probably been posted 10 times here, but in case it hasn't I thought you Orpheum lovers might enjoy this. West
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    No Affiliation, But Pretty Cool.

    I just saw these on FB. They look to be closely designed to the G7th, which are pretty darned good capos. But then you know me, I like "gaudy". West
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    Ever Feel Less Than Talented? West
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    Guitar Collection West
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    : ) Look What I Just Found

    You might have to "maximize" the video. I hope he doesn't mind. Great memories and a great guy! West
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    Difference Between a GAD40 & GAD140?

    Those who have known me for years here would probably guess that I know nothing about the GAD line, so I'm seeking a bit of info. The GAD40 appears to be a mahogany that comes in a cutaway, as does the GAD140. Fret markers appear a bit different on the GAD40. Are there any other differences...
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    Those who know me here have probably read on a post of mine or two that I was really taught to play (fingerstyle) by a good old high school friend of mine back in the early 70's. James, the man who taught me is truly one of the kindest souls I've ever known. These past few years, James has lost...
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    B.B. King

    B.B. died today. God rest his soul....... and my Lord what "soul" he had. May you make beautiful music in heaven. B.B. was 89. West
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    Good Little Lesson West