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    NGD: D-55

    Agree 100%
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    NGD F-40 Traditional

    Must be difficult to make time for playing! I would "look" way too long after opening the case. Surely, easy on your eyes.
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    NGD F 40E

    Congratulations Richard - the sou d has to be outstanding. Jumbos are wonderful!!
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    If I Was A Golden Oldies Station

    I would pick a day of the week and play a certain kind of music on that day every week for 6 months. Monday would be Vintage Bluegrass, Tuesday would be Jazz, Wednesday would be Rock and Roll, Thursday would be blues, Friday would be Classical, and Saturday would be Vintage Big Band. The people...
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    New Guild GF60R

    Thanks Al and you are correct on "bends" but I am not a bender. My adjustment from thinner fret wire models was centering fingers on fret spaces. I had to train my fingers to be more exact to keep them off fret wires. Maybe we should learn on thicker fret wires then thinner would be an easy...
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    New Guild GF60R

    HM: No idea and had not even noticed the difference in thickness until you mentioned it. And sure enough, the fret thickness is obvious when you look at them beside another guild - I am comparing to my D55.
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    Deco Restring

    Richard, doubt a $110K will work for you. I have a separate policy to cover $20K valued on 6 guitars and cost me $79 a year - one time payment. I have auto and home owners with same company. $79 a year doesn't seem bad to me.
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    Resistance training

    I look at chording magazines and wonder if the hands that demonstrate the chords - four, five, even six fret stretches - can play? Are they a player or demonstrator for magazine? More than one way to play chords and I am looking for the easier way to get from one to the other.
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    1977 Guild F412

    Welcome Eduardo: Just to echo what ejmalcyon says and a very helpful and sharing group of guitar enthusiast
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    NGD - Mystery GF60R !

    Just a stunning guitar and the wood - front, back, and sides are simply gorgeous. And thanks for sharing the story as I was/am ignorant to such detailed information. Enjoy in good health.
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    Thanks to Viet Nam Veterans Mar 29

    Good story Dread. Thanks for sharing
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    Return to normal

    Frono I have had both shots - the Maderna - and second no different than first. Little sore arm at injection site
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    Return to normal

    GofG the Covid Gods be with you.
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    Hope Marina

    Well said, Cougar -- you and your wife enjoy.
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    Long-time player, first-time member.

    Welcome Firebottle and your ears did a great job around 1988 and then led you to the Holy Grail of 12 strings - the F512. Tremendous amount of guitar knowledge here and specialize in Guilds. Members are glad to share what they know and will be great enablers of you spending more of your money...
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    New Member Saying Hello

    Welcome Teleguy - Great deal a knowledge on this forum and members willingly share.
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    Martin Custom Shop

    Beautiful Richard and glad it suits you.
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    How many songs can you do completely from memory?

    Not nearly as many as I thought I could be- even the old favorites I have been singing, incorrectly, for years. One was "Bringing in the Sheaves" but to me, as a little boy into adulthood, it was "Bringing in the Cheese."
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    Hope Marina

    Cougar You keep on showing this beautiful scenery, around your home, of Lakes and mountains and I am gonna lead a group of LTGers to have their next get together there. Just kidding but I know the "whoo hoo" moment gave you a big smile and relief. Just awesome pictures from you!
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    ‘67 D44

    Beautiful guitars!!