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  1. DeArmond Hammer

    TJH3113 on YouTube for bass parts on B-301

    I was thinking about buying a B-301 and found a bunch of videos of the bass in use by a YouTube bassist named Troy, posting as TJH3113: The Guild's beefy growl reminded me of my first bass ecstasy, when the cover band playing a dance at...
  2. DeArmond Hammer

    Starfire nut with angled slots

    I just bought a 1977 Starfire IV that was discussed in another thread. It hasn't arrived yet, but I noticed in one of the photos (after I got past the truss rod cover) that the nut looks larger than usual, and it has slots that are angled toward the tuner posts. I don't recall ever seeing a nut...
  3. DeArmond Hammer

    Black splotches on the back of a mahogany neck?

    What do you think is going on here on the back of this 1967 Capri's mahogany neck? The guitar was sold to someone else before I could decide whether to bid, so I'd like to learn more now and be able to decide faster next time. The seller wrote me, "That is just oils from the players hand...
  4. DeArmond Hammer

    What's a good case for a Westerly Starfire?

    I have a Westerly Starfire II that needs a case. I've posted a WTB ad for an original, but could anyone suggest a non-OEM case that would work well? The Westerly Starfire body is just slightly deeper than the Newark St. Starfire body, so the Newark St. case doesn't fit well.
  5. DeArmond Hammer

    WTB WTB: Westerly Starfire case

    I'm looking for a case for a Westerly Starfire. It's for a Starfire II, circa 2000, and I think all the Starfire models of that era used the same case. The body of the Westerly Starfire is just a little deeper than the Newark St. and Hoboken Starfires, so the Newark St. and Hoboken cases do not...
  6. DeArmond Hammer

    Touch-up for scrapes in wood?

    I'd like to make the old pick scrapes less conspicuous around the sound hole of my D-25M. I've seen felt-tip furniture touch-up pens, and also waxy furniture touch-up crayons. Would those help or hurt? Is anything made specifically for this purpose? All suggestions are welcome.
  7. DeArmond Hammer

    Sold Madeira (by Guild) Classical Guitar C-600, Rosewood, Japan, early 1970s

    The C-600 classical guitar was made in Japan for Guild and sold under the Madeira name. “Made in Japan” is stamped on the internal neck block. Information online says Guild moved its Madeira production from Japan to Korea in 1974, so this guitar was probably made in the early 1970s. The guitar...
  8. DeArmond Hammer

    Sold Guild GAD-25 All-Solid Mahogany Dreadnought Guitar 2007 w/OHSC

    Guild’s 2007 GAD-25 acoustic guitar has solid mahogany top, back, and sides, giving it a warm and powerful voice. The beautiful dreadnought-size body is trimmed with wood binding around the top and back, purfling around the top, and wood mosaic down the back seam, then protected with a glossy...
  9. DeArmond Hammer

    Sold WTB: Case for DeArmond Starfire Bass

    I have a DeArmond Starfire Bass coming, but I need a case for it. Anyone have one for sale? Or does anyone know whether the DeArmond Starfire Bass is the same size as the Newark Street Starfire Bass, so I could buy new? Richard
  10. DeArmond Hammer

    My First American: Westerly Starfire III

    I have several Guild guitars, but until today they were all made in Asia under either Guild's name or DeArmond's. I finally broke down this week and pre-spent my federal play money on a Westerly-made Starfire III. First things first. Can someone please tell me when this guitar was made, with...
  11. DeArmond Hammer

    Starfire I: Why pay more?

    The new Starfire I models resemble existing, higher-numbered Starfires, but the prices are lower. Is Guild just right-pricing the Starfire line, or are there significant differences that justify higher prices for the older Starfire models?