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  1. JohnG.

    WTB Looking for a Hoboken D40

    Looking to buy a Hoboken D40 in decent condition.
  2. JohnG.

    Sold 1973 Guild D25 $1000

    1973 D25. This one is a flat back, last year for the flatback I believe. It has solid mahogany sides, back and top. The guitar is in very good condition and doesnt seem to have been used very much. The fretboard shows no heavy wear and the back of the neck is smooth, fast and has no finish...
  3. JohnG.

    Trying to post a guitar for sale

    Hi, Iam trying to list a guild guitar for sale, and it says that i have insufficient privileges to post thread. How do i become privileged? thanks John
  4. JohnG.

    Guild D25

    Hi, Iam new to the site. I just picked up my first Guild. It was on craigslist and i always wanted one so what the heck. Its a 1974 the serial is 1006xx. My question is, is it uncommon to have a 74 D25 with the arched back and a mahogany top? Also it has the late 60's starfire/slim jim tuners...