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    1965 F-20 - What is a fair price?

    Hello Everyone! I sold the 1966 F30 and now am looking at this 1965 F20. My question is, what would be a fair price, he is asking $1500: 1965 Guild F20 Guitar Mandolin World Headquarters...and Guitars! buys, sells, and trades vintage and used Gibson mandolins, Martin, Gibson, Fender, and...
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    1964 F-30 - Does this look legite?

    Hello All, Came across this ad on Craigslist and was wondering if it looks legite (meaning authentic, did they have sunburst backs or were they plain mahagony, for example):
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    Choosing between 3 F-30's

    Hello, I am trying to choose between three F30's: 1) I am wondering what a fair price is to pay a shop for a 1966 Guild F30 sunburst with all of the necessary work done (neck reset, etc.)? 2) Also, I am considering this Guild F30 from 2005 with a pick up already installed (where was this one...