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  1. Aarfy

    Truss Rod - stupid question?

    Thank you, as always, @adorshki - appreciate the insight! as I try to become more self sufficient with my guitars (beyond just playing) this place just rocks!
  2. Aarfy

    Truss Rod - stupid question?

    What does it adjust? I know the neck angle, and by virtue action - but how much can a TR do vs a true neck reset? genuinely curious (as someone that’s very nervous about adjusting truss rods on great guitars)
  3. Aarfy

    Real life funnies

    We have a rental property rented out to the forces, so not always occupied. Received a call a day or so ago (it’s in another town, not close by) that “um....there’s a crow in the house” so we get some one to swing by, and right enough, there’s a crow, perched on the TV looking out the window...
  4. Aarfy

    OMG listen to this Guitar !

    I hear the Tallest Man on Earth glues on nails, and they’ve been know to fly off during a concert!
  5. Aarfy

    Am I just being too hard?

    It’s only with a couple songs now I’m noticing and interesting that I do not have the same problem on gloss vs satin guitars - maybe just need some thinking
  6. Aarfy

    Rare '57 Guild M50 on craigslist

    I love the cash only on a $14k purchase 🙃
  7. Aarfy

    Am I just being too hard?

    What frank said (see above) was that he was going through guitars so quickly he had to have a guitar he could pick up anywhere (he chose a Gibson hummingbird) rather than a bespoke guitar I’m not touring so maybe need to reign in my style !
  8. Aarfy

    Am I just being too hard?

    Maybe that’s what this will be - I’ve been playing a lot of Frank Turner (heavy acoustic) if that’s any indication of what I’m playing - I’m also doing acoustic versions of NOFX....not my typical but what I’m jamming to right now!
  9. Aarfy

    Am I just being too hard?

    Oxnard D40e. Noticing some pick scrapes on the soundboard / main body. it’s much lighter than any other guitar I’ve had. Sounds great but concerned it will become a trigger (Willie Nelson) before too long if I keep strumming the way I am - anyone else with an Oxnard facing the same?
  10. Aarfy

    Server Migration

    Had initial probs but now OK - thanks, G!
  11. Aarfy

    Sealing a rosewood fingerboard?

    @adorshki - the guild website definitely states raw linseed. I’ve seen so much conflicting information (or difference of opinion here and elsewhere). I’ve a friends father who swears to not use raw, guild say raw, others lemon oil (not actual lemon oil) or other fretboard specific blends. makes...
  12. Aarfy

    Sold 1960 T 100 C

    I’ve bought one from Richard and it came as described and is a beautiful guitar - honest seller - great gear - now I just have to hold off a while otherwise I might have to answer to the better half before long 🙃 ps it was my first private, buy unseen used guitar - and I couldn’t be happier!
  13. Aarfy

    WTB Looking for a GAD F-40

    Not that I’m an expert, GAD, but that’s my impression
  14. Aarfy

    Standing rib roast

    I’m inspired and will be trying this weekend! More soon!
  15. Aarfy

    What makes a good banjo?

    Ugh @dreadnut thats twice you’ve recommended mandolin over banjo - maybe I should just try both? 😃👍
  16. Aarfy

    Sold 1960 T 100 C

    What a beautiful guitar! Best of luck with the sale!
  17. Aarfy

    Great start to the weekend

    Working a deadline, ended up on the phone with IT at 0100 - very helpful - problem solved. Finally turn in around 2:30 (with a 6am start 🙃👍) to find the leader who had been pressing for and stressing the deal to close today email me at 0730 to say : I’m traveling, let’s postpone until Monday...
  18. Aarfy

    What makes a good banjo?

    By “way different” - what would you say are the main differences? I’ve picked up a banjo or two at shops and never had time really dive in - obviously the feel, strings, size, tuning etc - but from a playing perspective - is the theory much different?
  19. Aarfy

    What makes a good banjo?

    I think you read my mind - although I was humming and hawing as to whether a banjo or mandolin (consensus was mandolin is an easier transition) I just love the sound of the banjo! cant wait to see what Advice is shared!