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  1. krysh

    New member.

    Welcome, post well post often. you might contact grover, I once got a new tuner as a replacement for a broken one on a used bass for free.
  2. krysh

    New Member Saying Hello

    Welcome, post well, post often.
  3. krysh

    Time for some guitarist jokes...

    No, it‘s a Gibson Grabber. Nobody wants to play a Grabber. 😉
  4. krysh

    1997 Starfire lll opinions?

    keep it and swap the bridge.
  5. krysh

    Guild's lighter-weight archtops?

    Am I correct if I say that the body size and depth of the X-170/175/500/700 is with slight variations over the years almost identical at 17", and the thinner Starfire 1/2/3/4/5/6 (T-100/100D) are basically 16 3/8"? Are the X-150 and 160 the same size as the 170 or are they smaller?
  6. krysh

    Burnside Crossbow

    you want some XR7 Pups? I have 3 I don't need anymore
  7. krysh

    Burning a hole in your pocket

    a 2nd 1971 M-75 hollow and save the rest for future repairs on my 1990 VW vanagon camper.... no wait, this is not allowed, ok then in addition a 50's aristocrat and a setzer bluesbird with HSS and Kahler in orange.
  8. krysh


    and don't forget to put in a new battery. ;)
  9. krysh

    If you own 50+ guitars...

    Acoustic: my F-30 Electric: my M-75 Bass: my LeFay Rob custom I mean, if I had 50+ which I will never have, but anyway...
  10. krysh


    I'd ask Hans via
  11. krysh

    What, no Grammy talk?

    and some Jazz greats: Snarky Puppy, Robert Glasper
  12. krysh

    Replacing tuning machines - D-140

    Welcome, post well post often. I can't help with this, but someone should chime in soon. If you have different Tuners than on the Guild website, posting a photo would help to identifiy them.
  13. krysh

    NAMM 2021 Reimagined Starfire Bass

  14. krysh

    She Has Spoken

    Kurt, you're out!
  15. krysh

    Guilds on YOUR wall...

    this is true for most of us. what a great collection, awagner!
  16. krysh

    She Has Spoken

    My guess is the d-25 because of the mellowness in tone and colour. 😉
  17. krysh

    Guilds on YOUR wall...

    Don‘t worry Kurt, I‘m with you.
  18. krysh

    Need a good sound hole pickup that will fit an F30...

    I'm more than happy with the old l.r. baggs Para DI
  19. krysh

    Need a good sound hole pickup that will fit an F30...

    buy a preamp for the built in pickup?
  20. krysh

    Considering a 2014 F-30 Aragon--Any Thoughts?

    It was a great price. :) here is aJF-30 for sale in hamburg, germany: and one in Wismar, germany: