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    Does anyone else find themselves getting logged off inadvertently?

    Recently, most times that I visit LTG I will find myself getting logged off simply by advancing to the next page of a multi-page thread. Not a timing-out issue. I'll finish reading one page, click to advance to the next page, and get an error message that says something like "If this is your...
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    GAD30 for sale

    I'm selling this GAD30, purchased in April 2014 from LTG member killdeer43 (Joe). I bought it as an experiment, to see how I liked a 1.75-inch wide nut on a six-string guitar. I liked it enough that I've since purchased a nice rosewood Taylor with similar nut width, & it is getting more...
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    '78 G-312 for sale

    I'm re-balancing my portfolio of toys, & have decided that I currently have too many guitars, & not enough rowing shells. So, I'll likely be posting a few guitars for sale the next few weeks. Up first is a '78 G-312 that I purchased from former LTG-er CapnJuan, shortly before he passed away...
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    Chicago Music Exchange custom relic service

    Because some folks just aren't satisfied with brand-new, shiny stuff.
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    $100,000 Brazilian rosewood Guild

    Actually, a restored George M. Guild & Co. piano dating from around 1861: Couple more photos in this shorter story...
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    D'Addario EXP BOGO offer at JustStrings

    I just noticed a "Black Friday" special currently offered at JustStrings dot com. D'Addario EXP coated string sets (6-string guitar & mandolin only) are on sale, buy-one-get-one-free. Link
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    Levon Helm is in failing health

    What a shame . . . :( His website has a nice photo of him, & a tender note from his wife & daughter:
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    hot weather guitar shipping?

    I recall reading awhile ago that CF Martin won't ship new guitars if ambient air temperatures are above some threshold, but can't recall exactly what the number is. And I haven't found that magic number despite several on-line searches. Does anyone know what that temperature limit might be? I...
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    SOLD - '00 D4 True American (Westerly) - $390

    I'm selling a D4 that I purchased last year. I bought it for use primarily as a travel guitar, but it isn't getting much use so I'd like to find it a new home. S/N is AD407372, with a neck-block date stamp of 2000. This is an archback guitar, with a satin finish that has been rubbed smooth...
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    WTB: Guy Van Duser "Stride Guitar" book + cd

    I'm looking for this out-of-print instructional book . . . I believe that the most recent edition included a CD, too. Thanks in advance . . . - Mark