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    Any recommendations for a decent starter mandolin?

    I got something called a Savannah from MF Stupid Deal Of the day for $49. After a small action tweak, made easy with thumbscrews on the bridge, and sliding the bridge down a bit for intonation it plays fine and sounds not so bad either. I am having fun learning chords and licks and playing...
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    Twelve String Tuesday

    Me too. Dozen has not been out in about a month. Six has a new set of strings so she has been getting the love lately.
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    What are your musical goals?

    Right now I just want to get out and play with and for people again. I have been on a quest to improve my playing for several years and I feel like I continue to improve and grow. Goal is to get as good as I can before I start getting worse. I also want to get into some home recording before...
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    Pick Talk

    Used to use the oversized Fender heavys for years. Now hooked on nylon Dunlops with textured grip. I like .73 thickness.
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    Another new member old guy

    I have a banjo player who has a love hate relationship with banjo. He is now playing mostly dobro. Saw Buddy Cage a few years ago at an NRPS show. NRPS was more fun for nostalgia's sake than they were good. Buddy was still great though. Welcome Steelman.
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    Pachelbel's Canon in D

    So I found myself sitting around a campfire with some folks and was just noodling whilst people were talking. Thought no one was paying attention and started playing Pachebel just because I was working out some variations and was going to be playing it at a wedding a few months away. Almost...
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    Chris Stapleton

    Yes he wrote a lot of country hits before he made it on his own. I first heard/saw him on the CMA's a few years back where he did Tennessee Whiskey with Justin Timberlake. Then I played Tennessee Whiskey at a gig a month or so later and someone came up and told me they thought I was playing...
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    How many songs can you do completely from memory?

    lots and lots.
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    good new music?

    We first heard this band on a streamed charity concert, just the 2 main guys: singer rhythm guitar and lead guitar. Then we got the record version on a compilation cd we got in the mail for supporting a local public radio station. About a week ago they killed it on the Grammys. Black Pumas
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    What's in your music player?

    Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen WFUV compilation disk Relix compilation disk In Rotation in my old car with CD player and no bluetooth or input jack. At home we listen to whatever strikes our fancy on youtube and we stream a couple of radio stations we like: WWOZ from Nola, WHEM...
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    Songs I'm working on

    Used to play the Dylan song ala Adele with a female singer. Working on Summertime - Doc Watson/ Billy Strings & Marcus King style. And on Dust In a Baggie and Tenessee Stud.
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    Taking Swing Lessons

    Good for you to take on this stye and to commit to it by taking lessons. I tend to dabble in different styles and pick up snippets from youtube. Not swing, but, I see some similarities to Tommy Emanuel and even Billy Strings, both guitarist whom I have been trying to parse but who are way too...
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    F512 with or without Baggs pickup

    You can always ad a pup. I vote nay.
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    Ugh it finally happened!

    Dings don't matter unless you're a collector. Mine Guilds are mostly on the wall r in their cases... no dogs, I just don't trust myself;)
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    I know most of us are old geezers but ...

    We eventually cancelled Disney. Really we only had it for a while because my wife is a huge Hamilton fan.
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    What's your amp's sweet spot

    I traded in a 40 watt Fender Hotrod Deluxe that had a great mostly clean with a bit of breakup around 4-6. Traded it for a 15 watt Fender Blues Jr. so I could get a decent tone at a lower stage volume for which my singer thanked me profusely. It was always run through the PA system. I also...
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    I know most of us are old geezers but ...

    I really like The Expanse. I have the first book, Leviathon, on hold at my online library. I watched a couple episodes of Mandalorian. It did nothing for me. Basically a show designed to sell baby Yodas.
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    Strings: Billy That Is!

    We saw Markus King at Telluride Blues and Brews fest in2018 and again in 2019 at the aforementioned Capitol Theatre just down the road a piece. At that show his band opened and then he was one of the guitarists for an iteration of The Black Crowes. Here's them 2 boys pickin' a Merle Haggard...
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    Strings: Billy That Is!

    I've been spiraling out of control headlong down a Billy Strings wormhole. And that is leading me towards Doc Watson. All I can do when I pick up a guitar is work on Tennessee Stud and this version of Summertime. But this is a PSA post to let you know about this...
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    I borrowed one from a friend for a week's beach vacation about 10 years ago. Had fun with it . Returned it but never got my own so I forgot everything I learned that week...which wasn't much.