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  1. Jake The Loafer

    Jake the Loafer is back!!

    Sorry my old fingers and eyes spelled your name wrong and I could not find a way to edit it.😨
  2. Jake The Loafer

    Jake the Loafer is back!!

    What's up kyrsh? I see you on FB. Peace ✌️ Jake(Marc)🤪
  3. Jake The Loafer

    Looking For Anyone Who Has Suffered From Trigger Finger &/Or Had Surgery For Same

    I'm 73 and I have always stretched my fingers, etc. The finger that had surgery won't crack anymore and is being pulled down due to scar tissue around the tendon. That med is in a compounded Rx that has 4 other meds such as lidocaine. I can't go mixing them as they are absorbed and levels of...
  4. Jake The Loafer

    Jake the Loafer is back!!

    Still at it Mr Drednut..too much to talk about..
  5. Jake The Loafer

    Jake the Loafer is back!!

    Yes it is..
  6. Jake The Loafer

    Jake the Loafer is back!!

    I saw some things that went back to 2005. Might not be same Rockabilly. Not best picture, all I had in phone.
  7. Jake The Loafer

    Looking For Anyone Who Has Suffered From Trigger Finger &/Or Had Surgery For Same

    I developed a mid finger trigger finger on my left hand about four years ago. Had one injection about 4 to 5 weeks after it happened and it went away. March of 2018, I'm coming home in my car and some knucklehead hits me in the rear end which of course made me grip the steering wheel like I was...
  8. Jake The Loafer

    Jake the Loafer is back!!

    I decided to be reborn.. 😎😄✌It's been so long since I've been here or wherever it's been in the last number of years. I wasn't sure if I could retrieve or get a new password. I was going to use my real name this time. Email came to my email address still on file and it says, Jake the Loafer go...
  9. Jake The Loafer

    Happy B'Day..

    Happy B'day Mr. Dreadnut... 8)
  10. Jake The Loafer

    Check out my post in Tech Shop.

    I started a thread about wanting to learn how to build a guitar so if you are interested, go there, read & respond if you want to. All answers will be appreciated. 8)
  11. Jake The Loafer

    Let' talk the future of Jake The Loafer...(Luthier Work)

    :shock: Hi folks, not spending any time here anymore like I used to but I wanted to throw something out as short as I can :roll: . We haven't had a Jake letter since I had to take myself of my Oxycontin w/o checking in, but still am fortunate to have a new doc prescribe me some pain meds to keep...
  12. Jake The Loafer

    I'm 63 Today...

    :lol: The LTG keeps up w/ my B'day. When it said 63, I thought for a moment that was the number of posts I made, then reality hit. So now I'm really up in my Gezzerdom of ages. 8)
  13. Jake The Loafer

    Acoustic Guitar Mag...

    Has anyone received theirs yet? It's the 2nd of the month & no mag. I'm pissed. Just checked my mail box & nothing in it. I hope mine didn't get lost or go to someone else. The mail should have run already, it's 4:30 in the "Ham". I'm still hanging & no work after a whole year of looking &...
  14. Jake The Loafer

    Acoustic Guitar Mag...

    Has anyone who subscribes got the latest issue yet? It is the 28th & mine has not arrived.
  15. Jake The Loafer

    My Tacoma D-55 Bridge Pins Are Not....

    :evil: I purchased my Tacoma D-55 about 2 years ago from one of the members on the board. No need to mention names. I think it is an '07. All the specs state that the bridge pins are bone. I hate to change strings so I just finally put on a new set. I can tell ya, mine are the same old crappy...
  16. Jake The Loafer

    DeArmond Jazz Box On TV..

    8) I get the Music Choice on my cable co. which is Bright House. On the Jazz station, sometimes a backgound shot will have the 2 Goldtone pups & the top 1/2 of the tailpiece showing. I think a X155. Has anyone else seen this? I turn the TV on & listen while I read before I sleep & have caught...
  17. Jake The Loafer

    I'm 62..

    :D Just popped in I saw that I was 62 today. Where has my life gone so fast? :lol:
  18. Jake The Loafer

    Show tonite on PBS to Feature a Guild Acoustic

    At least here. Called History Dectives. Said it has some guitar related stuff & mentioned the Guild. Going to watch later. Check your listings & see if you get it. I'll have to make another post but I'm out of work & had to close my store end of the year. All I can say is.. :cry: :cry: :cry...
  19. Jake The Loafer

    I need help tuning a 12 string....

    :? How in the heck do you tune the octave strings. I'm dumb & lost. :oops: What do I tune my G, D, A, E octaves to? I know what do do w/ my high E & B. I'm using a Peterson tuner & need to know what note to look for. Does this makes sense? Help :!: Thanks.
  20. Jake The Loafer

    Can anyone date this guitar?

    serial #AU3210025 I just sent a link for a JF30-12 to a buddy. I was trying to find out when it was made & then let him make up his mind. He has played a few Taylors but he will also spend over 2K for one. Taylors may have a easier neck but the Guilds I own sound awesome. I have never played a...