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  1. Rebosbro

    WTB S-70 or S-60D or.......

    I have a ‘79 Strat that I have owned since 85, and it’s the one guitar that doesn’t get played, but I need something with single coils that says Guild on it. Once it leaves the stable, the only “real” guitar I’ll have with single coils is my Tele. Anyone have anything hanging around you might...
  2. Rebosbro

    I know it’s not a Guild, but damn.....

    I miss Tom Petty.............
  3. Rebosbro

    Is this a CL scam?

    I’m selling a set of 30th anniversary Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot pickups on CL. I’ve never done this before. I had someone respond and ask if I was the original owner which I am. Didn’t hear back all day so I emailed asking if they were still interested. Got this response. I just assume everything...
  4. Rebosbro

    This seller needs some LTG schoolin’

    The D is because it has 2 pickups?!? 2 tone and 2 volume controls?!?
  5. Rebosbro

    Son getting vaccine Monday!!

    My son, who has a congenital heart defect is getting his vaccine Monday! (He’s the one who was in the hospital when I got my kidney stones.) My wife asked about it in the pharmacy that we so very frequent, and they are getting them Monday! HUGE relief! His cardiologist told him to not leave the...
  6. Rebosbro

    Happy National Anthem Day

  7. Rebosbro

    LTG help identifying a singer

    A friend of mine has tasked me with finding out who this is. She sand a song about love through the eyes of her dog.
  8. Rebosbro

    Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground from around the world.

    This is why technology is great!
  9. Rebosbro

    How concerning is this.....

    Just pulled out the 76 D-50 for some fresh strings. Ice storm Friday and now it’s going to be 62 on Wednesday (welcome to Virginia). This crack has been there, but it seems to have gotten worse since I cased her up a couple months ago. I hydrate her, but the sponge was dry when I pulled her out...
  10. Rebosbro

    Beautiful flame Bluesbird GC Washington

    This just dropped in. What a top!
  11. Rebosbro

    Happy National Get Out Your Guitar Day!

    February 11th is National Get Out You Guitar Day! I’m expecting no less than 100% participation! Get out those Guilds!! (Assuming some of you actually put them away) Paul
  12. Rebosbro

    Another Richmond CL disaster....
  13. Rebosbro

    New headstock repair idea

    No words can describe.....
  14. Rebosbro

    Wife told me to get a new amp!

    So I got home from work and the wife said I should buy a new amp. That was out of left field, but waiting for the punch line, like “a quieter one”. But she said like the guy from Rush. Now, she has no idea what a Hughes and Kettner amp is, so now I’m very perplexed. Then she showed me the Home...
  15. Rebosbro

    And Alto Reed......

    The iconic sax soloist on Turn the Page is gone. Bob Seger’s sax player passed earlier today from cancer. It’s like 2020 is trying to get all it can before the end of the year. Paul
  16. Rebosbro

    Never seen THIS before.......

    Just saw this in my favorite local mom and pop. Looks like a toy, but I’m guessing it’s not. Sorry about the photos. My new iPhone 12 cuts the top and bottom off I guess. Had the whole bass in the view finder
  17. Rebosbro

    Anyone own a Tonewood Amp?

    Anyone out there have any dealings with a Tonewood amp? A friend of mine is looking to get one and I have never seen one. Are they any good? Fairly new company. Thanks Paul
  18. Rebosbro

    F4CE question

    I noticed that some F4’s have binding on front and back and some just front. Have my eye on a beauty that has binding on front and back. By the S/N, it was 30th from the last one made in 1999. Is it better quality than single binding? Paul
  19. Rebosbro

    What is this???

    My local(1 hour away) guitar shop has this laying on the desk with a note stating if you can figure out what it is you get a free set of strings. I figure with the VAST audience here at LTG Nation, SOMEONE will have the answer.
  20. Rebosbro

    Bridge post knob killing me!!

    Am I alone on this? The giant thumb knob on my bridge height adjustment screw on my 1974 M75 Bluesbird is very painful on my wrist from palm muting. Is there a substitute that sits lower? Or sits underneath like on an LP. I love my Bluesbird, but she hurts me after playing for a while. Help!! Paul