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  1. FNG

    Carl Miner and North American Guitars

    Lots of demos of some nice guitars. This guy has some chops!
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    New Puppy Day! A beautiful 8 week old golden named Red! Crazy puppy in the house!!
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    For Grot!

  4. FNG

    55 Telecaster with Monica Valli

    Nice boots!
  5. FNG

    58 Les Paul and Joey Landreth

    Great guitarist and a classic. Serious tone!
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    Molly Tuttle Neil Young cover

    Nice tune.
  7. FNG

    The Liberator I guess they are making some sort of Netflix animation of this book. I just finished reading it. Great read but sobering. I really don't think most Americans have any idea of the reality of WW2.
  8. FNG

    Bass Face

    9 year bass player with some chops!
  9. FNG

    Harvest time on YouTube

    Cool YouTube channel. Pretty impressive 10 year old kid operating some serious machinery. I bet he doesn't spend much time watching stupid Tik Toc videos and playing Fortnite.
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    Jason Isbell

    I guess I don't get out enough, because I've never heard this guy. Great tune....
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    New bike day! It's a Bowflex, took me two months to finally receive it. No pain, no gain!
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    Justin Johnson

    Great YouTube channel, guy has some chops.
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    Dad shoe review

    This guy has a pretty funny youtube channel.
  14. FNG

    Now this is a rec room... Wonder if the toliet smells like puke, urinal cakes and cigarettes?
  15. FNG

    Foccacia bread Anyone make their own bread? Just made this recipe, not bad. Using a starter or poolish adds a nice taste to home bread. If you're interested in making bread, the King Arthur flour website is pretty awesome.
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    Baby sounds...just like AC/DC When you have too much time on your hands!
  17. FNG

    Say it ain't so Joe...

    I could have told you the Astros were stealing signs...just too many strings of productive at bats were it sure seemed to me they knew what pitch was coming. Hinch suspended and fired, now Cora with the Sox. Ouch!
  18. FNG

    Buddy Guy on Ernie Ball Pursuit of Tone Great documentary on Buddy Guy. Outstanding history of the Chicago blues.
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    Go Astros!

    Beat Washington!
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    Go Astros!

    Kick Washington in the sack!