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    New Guild D-512

    There's a new 12 string out. If there's already a thread about this please delete as I didn't see it yet.
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    Guild bass on koaloha live event

    Check it out on facebook
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    RIP Neil Peart

    67, brain cancer, sad ...
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    what model is this?

    I came across this picture but can't ID the model, I assume it's an older GAD? Does anyone know?
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    Steve Gunn - Guild

    I just came across this guitar player named Steve Gunn, and in this video he appears to be playing a Guild. Is this an older D40?
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    Guild Luthiers

    During the history of Guild, they not only had periods of geographic location, but also periods where their guitar designs were associated with notable luthiers who also had made their mark outside of Guild. I think the main ones were: 1960s to 1970s - Carlo Greco 1980s to 1990s - Kim Walker...
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    Swietenia mahagoni

    I really like ukuleles and recently had the opportunity to play some very old (around 1920 and 30s) plain Martin ukuleles, which were produced in very large numbers around that time. They consistently sounded great, much better than any high end modern uke that would sell at four or five times...
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    Westerly Series models discontinued

    It looks like the OM-150 and F-150 models have been discontinued for 2018. Some retailers blow them out now reduced by about 30%. Interesting that Guild/Cordoba is reducing the Westerly Series.
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    KoAloha Concert Ukulele - Canada Only

    I imported this uke from Japan and paid a *load of duty so there's no point for it to cross another border. It is a fantastic instrument but I just can't get comfortable with the size. I have it posted as a local sale for pick up in Regina or Winnipeg, but am open to shipping to other Canada...
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    New Hartford update

    As many of you know, the New Hartford plant re-opened in September 2015 under new ownership of DW Drums who had bought the Ovation brand name and remaining assets. There was an initial launch of very high end limited edition 50th Anniversary Ovation and 40th Anniversary Adamas guitars, and...
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    Orpheums and Nickel-Bronze strings

    I was a tester for the d'Addario NB strings before they hit the market and I put the sample on my Orpheum Jumbo. I was immediately convinced that I preferred them to the regular PBs but as I had quite a few PB sets I wanted to use some of them up before moving to NB. I finally did and I also put...
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    Greenwood Guitars

    So I came across this Greenwood Guitars est. 1883 website which seems to be dedicated to the end of the NewHartford era, replicating most of the 2014 Guild site under various headings. It's a bit strange and I couldn't find a clue about who set this up or what purpose it serves. For those among...
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    Paul Weller and his Guild Jumbo

    Paul Weller has released a new album and a few new videos where he is shown playing his Orpheum Jumbo:
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    Westerly Series 12 strings

    I stopped by my Guild dealer today and he has both a 2512 and a 1512 in stock so I took the opportunity to check them both out. First I tried the 2512. On visual inspection it appeared to be well put together and not very heavy. The back and sides look very plain with matte finish and no...
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    is this an ad for Ren Fergusons's replacement?

    So Guild has this job ad posted: So it's not quite a master luthier, but definitely sounds like a very interesting job for a guitar-nerd.
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    Guild @ NAMM 2017 reports

    So it seems there are No LTG members at NAMM to post pictures and reports. Maybe we can start a collection of reports here, for example these:
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    what is this Guild bass

    Yesterday at my local guitar store I noticed this really cool looking Guild bass hanging at the consignment wall. He must have just got it in as there was no label or price on it. I just had a quick look and it seemed to have very low action and apparently wooden saddles. So what kind of a Guild...
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    Orpheum Saddle

    The action on my Orpheum Jumbo seems to be increasing, may be the Oasis is releasing to much moisture. Anyway, I would like to try a lower saddle and am wondering if there is a good source for a replacement saddle?
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    D55 - really?

    Oxnard D55 - really? Just noticed this on FB: Can anyone tell any dffierences to other D55s just from the picture?
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    Santa brought a little sister for Jumbo

    I have been looking for a new 12-string for quite some time, and the 12-fret Orpheum was one of the models on top of my list as I wanted to have a not-so loud smaller guitar and I found its retro approach appealing. It was thought they had been produced in small number but this year several new...