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  1. HeyMikey

    WTB WTB Guild GF60R

    Let me know if you have one that you might consider selling, or know of one potentially for sale. Thanks!
  2. HeyMikey

    Tips on changing old 12 string tuners?

    I picked up some Grover Roto minis (locking) with the intent of changing out the original tuners on my 69/70 F312. I have not unpackaged them yet. If anyone has done this before do you have any advice or tips? The last time I changed out tuners was in the 70’s on a cheap 6 string electric...
  3. HeyMikey

    Gordon Lightfoot documentary

    I just finished watching the Gordon Lightfoot documentary "If You Could Read My Mind" on Amazon Prime. Wow. I highly, highly recommend it for any Gordo fan.
  4. HeyMikey

    If I win Powerball tonight...

    Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?
  5. HeyMikey

    Special NGD !

    This is a very special NGD as it is a grail for me and was a long time coming. I actually got this a little while ago but just finished some work on the saddle, nut and frets to make it more to my liking, and only really started playing it this week. It is John Kidder’s GV70 ( # 22) which I...
  6. HeyMikey

    Was my guitar refinished or over-sprayed?

    Hello all, I just sold my F112 Tobacco burst but the buyer is now questioning if it was refinished or over-sprayed. It was not to my knowledge, but I've not owned another Westerly era burst, and have not seen another Westerly Tobacco burst so want to ask your opinions. He is a very fine...
  7. HeyMikey

    Should this pick guard be replaced now?

    I have someone asking be about a guitar I’m selling and thought I’d ask the forum. Is this pick guard at the point where it needs to be replaced now? Is it at imminent risk of causing harm? In this time period (1979-80) did Guild adhere the guard to unfinished or finished wood, and does that...
  8. HeyMikey

    FS The Tree - Quilted Mahogany jumbo guitar set

    This was going to be my retirement dream guitar, but now I'm having second thoughts and can use the cash. I got it a while ago from a luthier in CA who bought it along with other sets decades ago. It is sized for a jumbo if I recall which is pretty rare for this quality of quilting. Beats...
  9. HeyMikey

    Sold SOLD - Doyle Dykes DD6MCE

    I just got this a short time ago and love it but am forced to sell. Amazing guitar for picking/flat picking. SOLD on Reverb
  10. HeyMikey

    Sold For Sale - 1979/80 F-112 Tobacco Burst

    Unfortunately, I have to sell a couple guitars... It pains me but I can’t justify keeping my F-112 (Natalie) at this time. She is perfect for finger or flat picking and slower, melodic songs as the tone is even across the strings. Nut width: 1-13/16 Lower: 15-1-4 x 5 deep Upper: 11-1/8 x 4...
  11. HeyMikey

    NGD - New Grail Day

    NDG 1969/70 F312 I picked up this grail guitar a couple of months ago, luckily before I was laid off! It has a late 1969 Hobo label but according to Hans was completed in 1970 at Westerly. It needed work and has concerns but I worked out a fair price with the seller and immediately sent it...
  12. HeyMikey

    Dowels in the headstock?

    Any thoughts on why there are dowels in the back of the headstock on this one? Just curious. Not looking to buy it.
  13. HeyMikey

    Northeast power outage 10/7

    Anybody else in the northeast loose power from the storm that ripped through Wed pm? We‘ve been out since 5 pm. Got the generator running. Sure glad it’s not winter yet!
  14. HeyMikey

    New Guild OM models (China)

    Got an email about these today. Only 1-11/16 nuts, and interestingly archbacked. I’m guess so they could laminate and not use solid woods, or for better projection of a small body? Don’t care for the cutaway profile...
  15. HeyMikey

    So they say

    ... that bad things come in three’s. 1. Sprained my left hand, torn ligaments to my little finger. Bandaged and can’t play for at least a month. Typing with one hand. 2. Threw out my back and am laid up for a few days. In a half daze from living on muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. Still somehow...
  16. HeyMikey


    Ain’t No Big Deal... ... but it is a New Banner Day! They look pretty darn nice together in my little music corner, don’t ya think? The green one is new.
  17. HeyMikey

    NGD - Reno F30Rce

    I was hoping to post a NGD earlier this week but it’s in a shipping black hole. Now I’m concerned about possible heat damage issues. Default was kind enough to get me a phone number and I confirmed with the PO branch in PA it was shipped 5-Aug to the Philadelphia processing facility. No...
  18. HeyMikey

    D'Addario EXP String Sale - 50% Off

    Good sale. Only certain ones however. Comes to $5-6/set with the BOGO discount. Free Ship over $35. Looks like some others are on sale also but not BOGO. Specials 1. Add 2 Sets (or more) of D'Addario EXP Strings to your cart - OK to mix &...
  19. HeyMikey

    NGD: Doyle Dykes DD6 MCE

    NGD: Doyle Dykes DD6 MCE This one has been high on my want list for a while now. It was quite unexpected. It popped up about a month ago. I contacted the seller with questions but it was sold almost immediately. A couple weeks ago he contacted me that the sale fell through. Long story short...
  20. HeyMikey

    NGD: 2007 F47 Brazilian with GSR appointments

    Ok, so I’m the one who bought Rich’s (formerly Blake’s) F47 special. First, let me give a big “thank you” to Rich for offering up this beauty and for the Fort Knox level of packing! It is soooooo nice to not have to explain to someone how to properly pack and ship a guitar. I’ve been wanting...