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  1. Westerly Wood

    A JF30 is pretty much a no frill F50 right?

    As I gas for an F50, I realize I might not have the finances, but I do recall that a more affordable version for me and better fit financially is a JF30... right? thanks
  2. Westerly Wood

    More southwestern topography.

  3. Westerly Wood

    Naples, Fl. Anyone on LTG live there?

    Just wondering.
  4. Westerly Wood

    Southwestern Sunset

  5. Westerly Wood

    Going Up The Country,1928

    Yeah, way way before Canned Heat.
  6. Westerly Wood

    Asteroid 7 Iris. Just watched it fly by...

    No, it’s not the Coors Light. my wife and I were sitting out in back porch. I looked up in sky and saw this huge shape with a tail flying about 30 mikes above. I said to Nic, hey, that’s not a plane right? She goes, that’s a comet! I am like, no way. But has to be. So I go on web on iPhone...
  7. Westerly Wood

    Tiger Woods in rollover car accident, sustained multiple leg injuries...

    man, this is terrible news:
  8. Westerly Wood

    Garage Door hilarity...literally feel like I am losing my mind.

    So, a few times while adulting, I have owned a house that had a 2 car garage. And they also have the popular Liftmaster garage door opener thing... There is a big door and a small one... Ever since the service call last week, the small door when I go to push the big button to close it, it comes...
  9. Westerly Wood

    60s Mosrite guitar. Real interesting shape.

    Cool story too, made it to the antique roadshow:
  10. Westerly Wood

    I do not follow or watch news anymore....(no politics discussion please)

    I too have ditched myself from Facebook, NOT because FB is bad or wrong. I just know it's bad for me. I do no good on it. My friends are better off with me not on it, is what I am saying. I am not taking a dig at the platform...ok. And several months after that, (LTG is the only social media...
  11. Westerly Wood

    First joined LTG back in 2007...first child was she about to get driver's permit...

    think I was on here thru 08 or so, then returned under my current LTG callsign with the Br acquisition in 2013. Wow, got a kid soon to be driving. time flies...Guilds still awesome. Which is a lot like the old adage, " the more things change, the more Guilds stay the same..."
  12. Westerly Wood

    Tom Brady 31, KC 9...yeesh...and I hear Edlemen will be joining him for next year too...

    along with Gronk... Maybe he will win 8 or 9 Super Bowls. Here is a cool stat. Most Super Bowls won in NFL history: Pats 6 Steelers 6 Brady 7
  13. Westerly Wood

    Christopher Plummer died today, 91 years old...

    I remember watching the Sound of Music with my Mom when I was a child. He as a great actor.
  14. Westerly Wood

    Update re Jimmy Hoffa murder and where his body is today...

    I cannot say why, but I am kind of fascinated by Hoffa's vanishing and all the possible rumors of what happened etc. Update by fox news (via NY post) where the son of the man who buried Hoffa in a 55 gallon...
  15. Westerly Wood

    Clapton playing a new song, Tears In Heaven

    Circa 1992. On a classical guitar. Real sweet.
  16. Westerly Wood

    Why would an F30 have an F112 neck block stamp on it?

    Is it cause they are the same body sizes? Was it usual operating procedure to swap out like parts just to get the guitar built on a particular day? There is a...
  17. Westerly Wood

    Kris Kristofferson retires, quietly... pretty cool. He is 84.
  18. Westerly Wood

    The Very First Rock Song You Remember Hearing That Changed Your World...

    Or opened up a new world... Me: Boston's More Than A Feeling. I was 12. My parents did not listen to much music in the house. I do remember some Elvis and poppy Beatles songs, and then there was Barry Manilow and Pat Boone. But everything changed for me, and them, when my uncle bought be...
  19. Westerly Wood

    NFL games today...

    I don’t have a team currently playing this time of year, my Pats kind of starting over. but I digging the Brady vs Rodgers matchup today. Pretty cool to see it.