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  1. GGJaguar

    NGD S-100

    Guild has been my archtop of choice pretty much since I had in interest in archtops. Likewise, I settled on G&L guitars as my solid body of choice a long time ago. Recently I had a “what the heck” moment and decided to try a Guild solid body when a Westerly era S-100 reissue fell into my lap...
  2. GGJaguar


    The (approximately) 24-hour process begins. The suspense is killing me. :cool:
  3. GGJaguar

    Cool Starfire III Special

    Mickey Mouse pickups and Kolb tuners!
  4. GGJaguar

    Peter Gabriel's Biko from around the world

    Similar to the Stevie Wonder Higher Ground post.
  5. GGJaguar

    Fake Starfire

    So many things wrong on this.
  6. GGJaguar

    Upside down TRC

    Et tu, Takamine?
  7. GGJaguar

    Short scale

    Only good for cowboy chords.
  8. GGJaguar

    Matching set

    A pair of beauties! P.S. - not mine
  9. GGJaguar

    Artist Award wood

    Just for fun... 1950s
  10. GGJaguar


    This one must have come from the bottom of the sea.
  11. GGJaguar

    Birthday guitar

    For my 50th birthday I bought myself a Martin Custom Shop D-15SM. I picked it up at the Martin factory and got to pose with Dave Doll which was fun. I need to decide on what to get for my 60th birthday. If I go Guild, maybe a D-55 even though it doesn't fit my 12-fret dread paradigm. But it is...
  12. GGJaguar

    Alternate body materials

    Guitars made from skateboards. Clever!
  13. GGJaguar

    A different kind of Starfire

    And a 12-string at that.
  14. GGJaguar

    Built in string winders

  15. GGJaguar

    Guitar shelf

    Interesting idea. I think I'd add a shelf on the bottom and move the middle shelf up a bit and then use it to store packs of guitar strings.
  16. GGJaguar

    12-string conversion

    Because buying an electric 12-string would have been too easy.
  17. GGJaguar

    More fake guitars

    When it rains, it pours. Not long after reading the potentially fake Guild thread, I found two fake G&Ls. This was a big surprise because G&Ls are more of a niche brand than Guild and, on the used market, aren't terribly expensive even for the U.S.-made models. Here is fake guitar headstock...
  18. GGJaguar

    New saddle

    Clever... I think.
  19. GGJaguar


    No. Just no. No no no no no.
  20. GGJaguar

    Interesting Custom

    No label, no serial on the headstock. Supposedly an employee guitar from the early 1980s. Laminated maple body, solid spruce top, AA neck, HB-1s.