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  1. Grassdog

    NGD: 1971 D-35

    That one is sweet, congratulations
  2. Grassdog

    The Very First Rock Song You Remember Hearing That Changed Your World...

    Easy choice for me. Wild Thing. You make my heart sing. One of my older sisters had the 45. This blew my mind at age 5.
  3. Grassdog

    1965 D40?

    Wow that's a beauty
  4. Grassdog

    NFL games today...

    Tom leaving New England was the best thing that could have happened to him - he ended up with a team with tons of weapons and built to compete for a championship. New England is re-building. He can finish out the last few years of his career winning. Making it to 10 Superbowls is just...
  5. Grassdog

    Difference between Guild GF30 and Guild JF30

    The GF guitars are outstanding instruments, regardless of whether they're not all "solid wood". It makes no sense to eliminate those from consideration just because of this. Using that criteria, I'd have missed out on more than half the great guitars I've owned and enjoyed over my life. As...
  6. Grassdog

    Finally ...

    Old school - I like it!
  7. Grassdog

    70's F40 Blonde versus 80's GF30 ?

    Welcome to the forum. I have a '77 F-40 and a '88 GF-30 and they're probably my two favorite Guilds. That said, I'm partial to the Guild maple arched back sound (I also have a G-37 that I love). To me, these are two very different guitars. The GF-30 has a distinctive curly maple back and...
  8. Grassdog

    Variation in 1960's and 1970's D-40s

    I'd agree that late Hoboken/early Westerly D-40's are pretty much in the same ballpark. I've owned 3 D-40's from that period ('68, '69, and '73) and they were all lighter build, very resonant guitars with prominent low end. The '68 is my favorite of the bunch but it's also the one with the...
  9. Grassdog

    Black bling acoustics

    What about that Gibson J-185 in black with star inlays that the Everly's, Cat Stevens, and Neil Diamond played?
  10. Grassdog

    I Miss John Lennon

    I hesitate a bit to weigh in on this because I'm definitely Beatle-biased. They have been the most important musical influence in my life. That said, it's all subjective - it depends on the person. I'd venture to say they're probably going down in history as the most significant...
  11. Grassdog

    I Miss John Lennon

    Getting back to Al's original post, they did perform this live but to a pre-recorded rhythm track, correct? (Walrus, I'm sure you will know) Love the feel of the live vocals in this version, especially the "shoo be doo wahs" by Paul and George!
  12. Grassdog

    ‘74 G-37 want to add pickup

    I'm a fan of the LR Baggs Anthem SL system which in an active pickup combining an undersaddle and internal mic, allowing you to adjust the "blend" between the undersaddle and mic. I have this system installed in a variety of acoustic guitars and it works really well for me. That said, what...
  13. Grassdog

    Is this bridge gap an issue?

    If it's a lighter build '73 and all original, that's not a terrible deal IMO if you negotiate down a bit. I've seen a couple late 60's/early 70's D-35's go for more than that lately.
  14. Grassdog

    ‘74 G-37 want to add pickup

    Have you had a pickup installed before or are you starting from scratch in terms of knowledge about this? Do you have a price range? We can throw out some recommendations, sure, but experiences and opinions are going to be widely varied (and not necessarily confined to just Guild)
  15. Grassdog

    JF30 equivalent models today

    Unfortunately there really isn't anything in the current lineup of US made Guilds that really fills the space of the discontinued JF-30. While the F-55 Maple offers the same jumbo body/maple combo, it's a much higher end guitar IMO in terms of tonewoods and appointments and the price certainly...
  16. Grassdog

    Eva Cassidy

    Besides her immense talent, her refusal to compromise her artistic principles is what I admire her most for. She is for the ages. Imagine someone like this coming along today and appearing on one of those idiotic talent shows. Then all the vultures would swoop down and try to change her.
  17. Grassdog

    Eva Cassidy

    Her version of Sting's Field of Gold is magnificent
  18. Grassdog

    1993 D6 NT HG

    That one is a beauty for it's simple elegance. I'm sure it sounds great too. Classic Guild look. Congrats on finding that one. Hard to figure how someone thought it was "mint" though.
  19. Grassdog

    Talk about your minor typo...:)

    So I guess there's no expiration date on vintage guitar strings?