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  1. killdeer43

    You could put your eye out with those strings!

    One of a group of buskers photographed at the Saturday Farmers Market. A public menace! :hororr: Joe
  2. killdeer43

    Do you have a Guilded wall? Let's see it!

    This is the north wall in my cave and I love the way these old spruce tops embrace the sun (when it shines, anyway). L-R, D4-12, D35, F112-6. This follows my whining about being itchy for something to add to the mix. I have more wall space, so not to worry. :subdued: Joe
  3. killdeer43

    Badly in need of posting about MY NGD...

    ...but first, I have to find the NG that really grabs me. I'm pretty happy with the current crew, FWIW, but this group knows itchy when you feel it. A broken leg gives you time to think. This was the last one (the box it came in anyway) that I reported and I believe it was an F30 that didn't...
  4. killdeer43

    December 7, 1941

    I neither heard nor read anything about Pearl Harbor today. Interesting. :unsure: Joe
  5. killdeer43

    November 22, 1963.... you remember where you were when you heard the news? :shocked: Joe
  6. killdeer43

    Here we go, again!

    The season is upon us! How's your team looking this year? GO HAWKS! :applause: Joe
  7. killdeer43

    Here Comes the Sun

    I was looking for something special for this particular post and decided that listening to Richie Havens is always special, so.... One of our foremost Guild "pushers" for sure. :applause: Joe
  8. killdeer43

    Peter Rowan "Doc Watson Morning"

    Big fan of Peter and an even bigger fan of Doc. I stumbled onto this one last night while searching for something else. It's a really sweet tribute to Doc so have a listen. :peaceful: Joe
  9. killdeer43

    Super Bowl in two weeks

    Looks like we just might have a good game with the Pats and the Falcons. Both fairly demolished their opponents today so we'll see if they maintain their momentum (I've always disliked the 2 week break). So, pick your sides and try to remain interested....always tough to do. :unsure: Part of...
  10. killdeer43

    Guild sighting with Jimmy Dale Gilmore

    Looks like he's playing a maple F__ (?) here. First time I've seen him playing one. :eagerness: Joe
  11. killdeer43

    Bob Dylan today

    I've been smiling about this all day. As a lyrics man myself, I couldn't be more tickled. Here's to you, Mr. Zimmerman. :eagerness: Joe
  12. killdeer43

    Happy Birthday John Prine!

    I hear through the grapevine that today is the 70th birthday of one of my all-timers. So grab your Guild and sing a JP tune or ten and celebrate one of the best of our songwriters. I have most of his songs in my personal traveling bag. :smile-new: Joe
  13. killdeer43

    Guild sighting: Hoyt Axton

    Stumbled onto this one this morning. Looks like an F__ or JF__? One of my favorites from one of my favorites. :applause: Joe
  14. killdeer43

    Guild sighting with Blake Shelton

    Don't know who the sideman is but it looks like a maple D....not sure which. I stumbled onto this through a Black Crowes search. Not a big Blake fan but I like this. Maybe it's the Guild! :eagerness: Joe
  15. killdeer43


    Anyone else on the forum using imageshack? If so, are you having billing problems? I've been a paying customer for several years and I can't even talk to them to discuss the current situation. Frustration is a strange animal! :emptiness: Curious Joe
  16. killdeer43

    If you're a Mark Knopfler fan....

    Away from home, schmoozing on my laptop and found this from 1979. If you've seen Mark recently you might say....WOW! One of the greats, no doubt. :friendly_wink: Joe
  17. killdeer43

    Guy Clark

    I just want to keep him going for a while.... Joe
  18. killdeer43

    36 years ago today

    A quiet Sunday morning was interrupted by a very loud explosion that was followed shortly by another equally loud blast. It woke me the first time and had me out on the street with all my neighbors after the second. Only after we heard the news on the radio did we know what had happened. Mt...
  19. killdeer43

    For John Prine fans

    If you haven't seen this one.... it now. :encouragement: Joe
  20. killdeer43

    Guy Clark

    Not only a favorite songwriter but also an inspiration for many, and some of us on the forum have been following him for a while. He, more than anyone else, says/sings "Texas" to me. I heard recently that Guy was in a nursing home and could never find any details. Has anyone heard of any...