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  1. Bill Ashton

    Need assistance, measurement of body width

    Having living room and dining room done over, we are talking stripped to the studs, new insulation, blue board and plaster. Occurs to me it would be nice to have a wall hanger so I could stick a guitar on the wall occasionally. Can someone measure their jumbo (F50 or J-200) and tell me what...
  2. Bill Ashton

    RIP Hilton Valentine

    Animals guitarist that launched a million teens into playing, with his riff to House Of The Rising Sun...done actually with a Gretsch through a Selmer amp. Nice guy, living in the New Haven area I believe. Will be playing all Animals all day today in his memory...
  3. Bill Ashton

    Happy Birthday Chris Hillman, 76 today

    I had the chance to speak with him briefly several years ago at the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival, what a very nice and friendly individual he was...
  4. Bill Ashton

    Peter Green has passed

    Peter Green of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and founder of Fleetwood Mac passed away last night in his sleep :cry:
  5. Bill Ashton

    Couldn't Happen To A Nicer Company (Conglomerate)

    Seems that J. Crew the fashion brand is in trouble. As some will remember J. Crew, Burger King and...wait for it...Fender were acquired by Texas Pacific Group, who closed down Guild and the New Hartford factory. I hope TPC eats their shirts :mad...
  6. Bill Ashton

    "New" Guild dealer in Central Massachusetts

    Been some time since I walked through local City Music. A candy apple red Gretsch 512x or something was still hanging behind the counter (drool!), but as I started down the long acoustic aisle I find a Guild, then another, then more. Apparently they are a Guild dealer again! Back in early/mid...
  7. Bill Ashton

    Happy Saint Urho's Day!

    For those non-Finn's among us, he is the patron saint of Finland, famous for driving the grasshoppers out of Finland and thus protecting the grape harvest :highly_amused: Actually a celebration started in Minnesota...or the upper pennisula of Michigan, depending on which "legend" you believe...
  8. Bill Ashton

    Has this been shown before? Guild S100 prototype at Carter's
  9. Bill Ashton

    Wow, lookee here! Guild D-40 Traditional Deluxe from Sweetwater This would seem to be a wicked good buy, if you are into sunburst, AAA-top wood, big markers and all...might be very close to a mahogany D-55?
  10. Bill Ashton

    Doyle Dykes is still out there...

    He used to be "our" treasure, schoffed from Taylor, then it went all down the drain with the demise of Fender ownership. Just stumbled upon this, its current, I thought he was an Olson guy but at this juncture I guess not. I enjoyed the hell out of this!
  11. Bill Ashton

    ID this brief look at a Guild?

    Really excellent video from my point...the 80's are lost to me, but this is a real good retro remake... OK muso's, what is the Guild at 3:40 ???
  12. Bill Ashton

    1991 Guild JF-65-12 12-String Stolen Serial#: JF650430

    Not sure where to put this, just saw on Acoustic Guitar Page:
  13. Bill Ashton

    Would like some G37 info

    Hey guys, I am at the Kaufman Acoustic Kamp in Maryville, TN and somewhat limited on what I can search with my phone. Young man (high school) has an arched maple-backed G37 in class with me. Serial number is 100691. He doesn't know much about it, can anyone look up the serial and give me an...
  14. Bill Ashton

    Dee Snyder, We're Not Going To Take It video

    Stumbling down that rabbit hole of YouTube, I happened upon this. Pretty powerful video, relating to children's cancer research. Do not know where it should go, but worth a watch. Guess that ole juicer can still sing (could he sing once?) Anyway...
  15. Bill Ashton

    Fingerstyle artisit Glenn Jones

    He is a feature in the next Fretboard Journal. Think he is using a D50, not exactly sure.
  16. Bill Ashton

    2014 Collings D2H

    I have my Collings up for sale on Reverb, got an offer, accepted, never heard from him again...thought that only happened on eBay? Anyway, I am now asking just under 3K, will entertain reasonable offers, but cannot give her away. At this moment she is the newest and lowest priced Collings D2H...
  17. Bill Ashton

    Website needs SSL

    Unsecure connection? Is anyone else getting little warning flags dropped down from their sign in that the connection is not secure and warning against password theft? I am using some version of Firefox...
  18. Bill Ashton

    Here is one for Pascal

    Go to about 12:47 for Guild content :smile-new: I remember the name from back in the 60's, 'geezer that I am, but never heard her to my knowledge until now...
  19. Bill Ashton

    Starfire in Beach Boys concert, 1980's

    Who is playing the Starfire with the Beach Boys in this concert video? Look at about :58, to the right of Brian Wilson on keyboards... Group member or just "house band?"
  20. Bill Ashton

    Paul Weller playing an Orph Jumbo

    ...going down one of those rabbit-holes where you get sucked from one YouTube video to another, I stumbled upon this...figured it was rare enough to note: I think I liked him more when he had that Romulan-haircut, playing with Pete Townshend...