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  1. Grassdog

    Vintage D-40 headstock differences

    Okay this has been bugging me for a long time. On vintage D-40's from the 60's and 70's (Hoboken and Westerly made), I have noticed that some of these feature the basic silk screened domed "Guild" on the headstock (like D-25's have) and others have the more ornate Chesterfield design headstock...
  2. Grassdog

    WTB 70's F-40

    Looking for a 70's F-40 (arched maple back and maple sides, blonde or natural finish) with block inlays. Doesn't have to be a museum piece, player condition is fine.
  3. Grassdog

    The Corona phenomenon - Good or Bad time to sell a guitar?

    So . . . what does everyone think about the current environment for selling a guitar (online of course)? My first thought was it's bad since the market is down and folks will cut back on spending for non-essentials (sorry folks our guitars fit into that category). But then I started to...
  4. Grassdog

    Martin refinish gone wrong

    This is just an abomination. Interesting seller description too, trying to distract from something that's obviously gone wrong.
  5. Grassdog

    D35 - planing fretboard in lieu of neck reset?

    My apologies if someone has posted this before, but I ran across this on YouTube (all I do anymore is watch guitar videos which tells you something about the exciting life I lead) where the guy planes the fretboard to lower the action on a late 70's D35. He also replaced the frets with evo gold...
  6. Grassdog

    Saw John Sebastian last night

    Hey everyone I got to see John Sebastian perform last night here at a small club in Cincinnati. It was an intimate setting, maybe 250-300 people. I really wasn't expecting much because I'd heard that his voice had deteriorated a lot (he is 75 after all) but it turned out to be a really...
  7. Grassdog

    Maple jumbo comparison F-55 vs. J-200 and Taylor 618

    I apologize if this has been posted before, but I thought this was a nice comparison between the Guild, Gibson, and Taylor maple jumbos (notice I didn't say "shootout"). Each has it's own distinctive voice and they're all great in my estimation. At 5:58 they play them in sequence and it's...
  8. Grassdog

    The Seeds

    No Guild sighting, but my oh my what have we here? My apologies if this has been posted before on LTG
  9. Grassdog

    Guild Sighting - Styx (Tommy Shaw)

    Ran across this performance of "Lights" from the Midnight Special. Tommy Shaw playing an F-50R I believe. Sadly, I think they're lip-syncing this. It's too dead on the studio recording.
  10. Grassdog


    Of all the things the internet has brought us, I probably spend more time on YouTube than all other sites/applications combined. I am a serious junkie and I would have no problem living without 200+ channels on cable or satellite as long as I have a high speed connection and YouTube. So my...
  11. Grassdog

    Shipping Damage - Dealing with the Verb

    Don't know how many of you have had to deal with Reverb on a freight damaged guitar, but I just did and it wasn't a terrible experience. I recently bought a Martin D-16RGT on Reverb that arrived with a nasty 8 inch crack in the rosewood side. I immediately e-mailed the seller and sent pics...
  12. Grassdog

    Unexpected NGD - F-412

    Okay so I don't know whether to be proud or embarassed about this. Got an early start this morning. Noticed that the clocks moved forward with Daylight Savings. Did some laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, figured I'd head down to Guitar Center to get some accessories. Needed some strings, a...
  13. Grassdog

    Anticipating NGD - JF-55

    Well for better or worse, I pulled the trigger on a JF-55. Should be delivered early next week. She certainly has some issues but I think I can live with them. Hoping to use her when playing out. Will be my first experience with...
  14. Grassdog

    Justin Hayward Guild story

    I thought you all might enjoy see this video of Justin Hayward telling the story of how he rescued an old Guild from a pawn shop in Seattle. With all the pics of pristine Guilds out there lately, it's nice to see an old "not so perfect" beauty get rescued and put into service by one of the...
  15. Grassdog

    Guild Sighting for all you Supertramp fans Roger Hodgson of Supertramp
  16. Grassdog

    Does this D-25 look familiar to anyone?

    I could have sworn I saw this same '73 D25 featured a thread about a month ago - I remember the guy had just purchased it and said it was his dream guitar