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  1. HeyMikey

    NGD S-100

    Congrats GG she is a beauty! What year? What is the neck width and weight? Those are always an issue for me with electrics.
  2. HeyMikey


    Fixed it for ya.
  3. HeyMikey

    10 year anniversary with LTG today and exactly 1000 posts.

    That is very cool Sal ! Here’s to the next 1000 🍾 🎶
  4. HeyMikey

    I guess I just don't like Rosewood

    I’m not sure that generalization is actually true. I think preferences are all over the board. There are so many factors to consider no different than choosing a guitar based on the the size of the guitar, the shape, the construction, builder, etc. I find a small guitar benefits from the added...
  5. HeyMikey

    WTB WTB Guild GF60R

    Let me know if you have one that you might consider selling, or know of one potentially for sale. Thanks!
  6. HeyMikey

    I guess I just don't like Rosewood

    I like rosewood... a lot. However I tend to play small to medium size guitars and I think it really helps to fill out their sound. I like mahogany very much as well, but maple the least for the size guitar, type of music, and style of playing I do most. Yes Bill I’m still enjoying that F30R 👍
  7. HeyMikey

    1999 Bluesbird - original pickups?

    Calling to let them know you are serious and not just an internet tire kicker might get you more information and/or photos.
  8. HeyMikey

    RIP Bunny Wailer

    RIP Rasta man and thank you for the music
  9. HeyMikey

    NGD Epiphone Deluxe Archtop

    Another stunning addition Rich! Congrats on the birth year find. What a joy it must be to sit within a circle of those fine instruments, soaking in the history and trying to decide which one to play.
  10. HeyMikey

    NGD Long awaited S100, surprises, drama, realizations, pics, flaming tiger hog

    Yep. All carriers. I complained to FedEx on an expensive jewelry delivery for my wife that was left outside a door we don’t use. They said I had signed for it. I had not. The driver forged my signature. At least I got it though.
  11. HeyMikey

    It's not just some silly phase I'm going through

    Veering... It’s a great acoustic song, equally nice on 12 string. I do it 2 half steps down for the vocals. Stripped down...
  12. HeyMikey

    It's not just some silly phase I'm going through

    Is this the same type of phase switching that is on the Nightbirds? What models have this type of phasing?
  13. HeyMikey

    BIG BIG new gear day 6 guitars to share

    Not really a NGD is this? Should probably go in the Buy Sell forum. That being said some really nice guitars here Blake.
  14. HeyMikey

    New Guild GF60R

    I use these and they work well. The medium will take out the scratches, then you work up to a nice shiny polish. 3 grit levels of polish optional final...
  15. HeyMikey

    New Guild GF60R

    Beautiful! Major congrats. That is some good looking wood. I’m looking forward to your review.
  16. HeyMikey

    Totally Professional

    Great acoustic for heavy metal
  17. HeyMikey

    NGD '94 Guild JV-72

    Love it!
  18. HeyMikey

    NGD--Don't make promises you can't keep...

    Beautiful guitar spoox. Is that back one piece? Fantastic. Congrats on one heck of a good deal.
  19. HeyMikey

    Change isn't always better

    It all went to crap once TVs got rid of the push/pull rotary channel knob. I keep telling my kids I just want a f’ing TV with an on/off button and channel selector. That’s it. Nothing else. I need simple.