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    Schematic source for Trace TA 100R please

    My Trace TA 100R is sick, intermittent loud "pop & crack sound" with subsequent audio fade. Can someone here lead me to a source for the schematic for my baby? Thank you, Jeff
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    Hoyt Axton, WKRP Guild siting.

    My Mother, (83), fell at home, broke her left arm & seriously injured her lower back,..... again. She's been getting by on artificial knees & hips for a long time, broke the good hip about two years ago but this time she went down pretty hard. Happened near two weeks ago & she's been here...
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    Music Wood

    I'm pretty sure this is a big leaf maple, don't often see this stuff advertised as Music Wood. Regardless, pics looks like this old log contains some nicely figured lumber. I'm guessing it weighs 3000 lbs or more :shock: My neighbor around the corner had one about this size cut down due to...
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    Washington State Guild retailer

    Made the drive out to the Coast today to check up on my mother. Stopped in at Rosevears Music, downtown Aberdeen, Wa to resupply my Star Pic inventory. While I was counting out two dozen 1 mm star picks my wife says "Hey look, Guilds"! Sure enough, hanging on the wall was half a dozen...
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    Binding repair, advice please

    The F20 once again needs some maintenance. 10 years back I had my F20 overhauled, started by out getting the bridge reglued & loose binding reattached, ended up with a neck reset, new bridge plate, new frets, & a few odd cosmetics. Binding has come loose again & I'm thinking the fix should...
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    Airline 9001B

    Does anyone have the specs on an Airline/Montgomery Wards 9001 B? this one is for sale up the road a ways I have a little Silvertone 1471 & use it regularly, my assumption is the Airline 9001b is similar.
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    WTB Grover tuner for Guild Sprint.

    One tuner on my Sprint has been replaced with some sort of Gotoh. It works OK but I think it'd sound a lot better with the correct tuner. Does anyone have a correct Grover tuner for this guitar.
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    New Guild S280/S281 ???

    Hardly new, I've had it for several months, recently restored my computer's picture processing capability & took the time to shoot a batch of crummy pics. Not 100% sure just what it is? Hans seems to think it's a Sprint S280/281 with maybe a replacement pickguard. Git arrived with no...
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    Vintage Guitar Mag :"25 most valuable effects"

    I'm feeling reverb gas, torn between #2 the Matchless reverb, or # 10; the Fender. ... dium=email
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    Top 5 iPhone guitar tools roundup

    quoting Steve Stone from April issue of Vintage Guitar mag, reference I phone tuner app: "It's the most accurate tuner I've encountered" ... col%3bpage
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    1957 Silvertone tube amp $250 (Olympia)

    Interesting bit of temptaion, more like curiosity. Local no less
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    1969 Guild Superstar all tube

    This one seems out of the ordinary. Burly looking. ... 66180.html
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    Taylor Service Center now servicing all brands

    Received the Fall issue of Taylor Guitar's "Wood & Steel" Article says their service center is now servicing all brands. ... l_2009.pdf
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    Guild Sighting, Glen Yarbrough PAC NW Tour, magic of music

    My Mother's husband of 44 years passed peacefully last Tuesday eve after an extended illness. He was 84 & passed peacefully at home . Fortune smiled upon me as I was there with my Mom when he passed. He's been ill for some time, Mom was exhausted and devastated. My folks live out on the...
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    Guild sighting, James Otto on Studio 330 sessions

    Saw this on the tele tonight, nice series on Comcast "Studio 330 Sessions" Fella playing backup for Jame Otto here is playing a darn nice Guild. Jumbo of some kind, can anyone tell what it is?? Three or four James Ott videos at this link with this guitar...
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    Attn Pacific NW--Special Weather Statement

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    IBANEZ ROADSTAR vs Mexican Strats.

    Drove out to the Coast to visit my elderly parents, just so happens Rosevear's Music in downtown Aberdeen was open. Inventory wasn't terribly interesting, except there was an Ibanez Roadstar, maple neck, trem bar, & the bridge pu had been replaced with a Dean Markley. Guitar has some gentle...
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    Perpetum Jazzile---Africa

    I received this link from the musical branch of the family. Stick it out till about 1:15, vocals comes in at about 2 minutes. A Cappella jazz choir from Slovenia. Puts a pretty grand twist on a capella, in my book anyway.
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    Neil Young Fans--PBS American Masters "Don't be Denied"

    Did anyone else catch this ??? Two hours, uninterupted, autobiographical, musical documentary. Bright light in cable television wasteland. American Masters has a video preview here "Don't Be Denied" ... nied/1152/ Old stuff but some live videos of...
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    Guild sighting, August cover Vintage Guitar Magazine

    It's only a Guild strap, still better'n nuthin.