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  1. Guildedagain

    WTB Things that say Guild.

    Not anything big or expensive like guitars or amps, but looking for anything that says Guild on it, pre 1980. Picks, strings, manuals, etc, if it says Guild ;]
  2. Guildedagain

    Things that say Guild

    I like things that say Guild. Old things that say Guild, not just the guitars, but the case candy, catalogs. The picks are all old, each a different thickness, style. Collecting Guild is fun. Gibson stuff was always scarce and boring.
  3. Guildedagain

    My baby wrote me a letter that took 14 days to get here, unprecedented, the weather that is

    Not trying to get political here. But the weather. Some folks saying that we could be facing a climate emergency, to some folks to even mention it is taboo. Truth be told, it's real as hell, and it's here now. Wife's mom taught school in Redwood Valley to students who went on to be very...
  4. Guildedagain

    It's not just some silly phase I'm going through

    The phase switch on 70's Guilds is an incredibly powerful tool, and because of the pickups fighting each other, canceling each other out, you can get an endless variety of tones as simply as rolling the neck pickup volume back a little, it's night and day. You can do the opposite by rolling the...
  5. Guildedagain

    NGD Long awaited S100, surprises, drama, realizations, pics, flaming tiger hog

    Mailman pulled up with the S100 from Canada yesterday. Declared at $1500 CAD, wow... but no charge or even sig required, probably no insurance. The box was ridiculously small, thin and short like a Squier Strat box with the headstock of the Guild case pushing out, albeit in a layer of bubble...
  6. Guildedagain

    Maybe the finest D25 player for me, with a song that never gets old ;]

    This is a gem. Him. The guitar. The Song. Many others of his on Youtube, with this guitar. Some bring tears, like this one.
  7. Guildedagain

    Bursting out at the seams

    What is it about a Burst? I like them and more than a few have found me over the years. Was able to put together a group shot of old American Burst when left alone for a few days, otherwise it's not that wise to get this many guitars out at the same time, especially when that's only half of...
  8. Guildedagain

    Video of '74 S-100 Standard with Phase Switch Hang Tag!!!

    Ok, who's got this tag? GAD I imagine, any others? Warning, TRC shocker at the end ;] In the "you can learn a lot in the comments section", this; "Note that the phase switch response varies with the pickup volume settings. Having one pickup volume higher than the other changes the "scoop" in...
  9. Guildedagain

    Amazing tutorial into Eddie's technique

    Nothing like watching someone play. It confounds me how many people teach someone's technique, like Page, when there are countless videos of Page playing that are clearly superior to the belabored attempts to teach Page's techniques, one silly little thing he did after another, as if those were...
  10. Guildedagain

    Sold Gorgeous and Rare Two Sided Guild Custom Shop M90 - M70 Brochure Dealer Price Sheet

    This is probably by now a pretty rare piece of paper, especially if you worship at the altar of these unique Guild guitars in even more unique and bold colors. Fortune favors the bold. Or so said the ancient Romans. It is is very very good condition. There was some mild 20 year old frothy...
  11. Guildedagain

    FS Gorgeous Guild Dealer Catalogs 2006 Flattop Acoustic 2009 Dealer Pricelist, Collectible Guild Ephemera

    I'd like to see $75 including securely USPS Priority shipping, PPal with fees is preferred and allows me to generate a label without going to the USPS site, which always has a new surprise in store... I'm usually way to mercenary to try to sell anything here, but really wanted to offer these...
  12. Guildedagain

    Pickin and grinnin, how many picks have you picked up? Pick testing on Super Duper SF-4

    Slow day yesterday, time alone. Quiet time. Time to check out some picks. Get that sucker in tune and get real quiet and play some very clean chords, I use D a lot, so very very typically this is a DGAE type thing. I've gone to flatwounds, GHS Brite Flats (.010-.046), so totally clean nothing...
  13. Guildedagain

    Sweaty hands, grimy guitars, does it bother you?

    Probably more of a retorical question, and summer is a challenging time to keep up on cleaning corrosive sweat off the guitars you play, but my ultimate pet peeve is when a buddy one of your bandmembers doesn't have a guitar that's worth a poop so he's playing one of yours, and as soon as you're...
  14. Guildedagain

    NKD I got my knob! ;] SF-4 Master Volume knob and budget body markers

    Slow couple weeks, nothing imperative to buy, so after a little haggling this will be headed here from Brooklyn NY. The reason I wanted it wasn't for originality because my Black...
  15. Guildedagain

    All things must Pass

    These are the early shredders ;]
  16. Guildedagain

    Changing the world

    You can never unhear this, but re-hearing it periodically is good ;]
  17. Guildedagain

    F4CE on F4CE, double your pleasure ;]

    Guitar is strung with Thomastik Infeld .010 Jazz Flats, actually a very good choice for this guitar.
  18. Guildedagain

    While My Guild Gently Weeps, SF-4 tonal variations

    Lockdown recording. A short loop recorded on F4CE strung with .011 TI Jazz Flats, and then I'm off on the '76 SF-4, strung with .010 GHS Brite Flats. No other layering. I try to switch p'up position fairly often. The extremely chewy tones come courtesy of the out of phase middle position. No...
  19. Guildedagain

    I have a feeling '21 is going to be a good year

    How visionary was Townshend, I've been hearing this since 1972 and it didn't mean much til today.