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    Shootout of the Vintage Budget Guitars

    Melody Maker D vs Fender Mustang Apologies if this has been around before. It is new to me. I don't know/remember if the Mustang is actually vintage, though.
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    RIP Bunny Wailer

    The last of the three, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, and Bob Marley, to go. Rest in peace, mon!
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    Anyone Recognise this Khaler Trem Model?

    Digging through boxes of stuff because I have time I found this Khaler trem in its original box with most of what would have been in the box new still there. It appears never to have been used. The underside has two tension springs. The end of the box has matrix with model number on one axis...
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    Larkin Poe

    New(ish) twist on Son House by the delightful Larkin Poe. Things like this make me wish I were my good-looking 20s-something self again rather than the old geezer that I am. Sigh. ;)
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    1996 DC5E NT True American?

    Through friends of friends, I have been offered a 1996 DC5E NT True American for $700, price probably flexible. No case. Local sale only. No listing yet. Seller is reaching out through contacts first. I haven't seen it or even any pics. The only defects reported are some crazing of the...
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    Anyone Using a Guitar Synth to Capture Notation?

    Is anyone using a guitar synth to computer interface to capture notation? If yes, what are you using for interface and software, and how well does it work? Thx.
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    Stephanie Jones

    Tupi Guarani Tales - Sérgio Assad Performed by (the amazing and delightful) Stephanie Jones Drop E flat tuning
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    Stradivarius – Not Just Violins

    Antonio also made guitars, and there is only one known to be with us in playable condition, a survivor from circa 1679. See embedded video clip.
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    Items from My Dad's 78 Collection

    Ella Mae Morse, a nice Texan girl.
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    Keeping in Touch with Video Conferencing = Jitsi

    Just thought I would mention Jitsi. Jitsi is a FOSS (free open source software) video conferencing application and service. The free application - if you have the chops, the hardware, and the bandwidth, you can download Jitsi and build your own video conferencing server. The (free) service -...
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    RIP Chick Corea
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    Chrystian Dozza

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    Rowe-DeArmond Humbuckers - Impedences?

    Rowe-DeArmond made Gibson-ish looking humbuckers through the 60s and 70s. They were of their own proprietary dimensions, though. There were the 2200s, the 2300s, and the 2400s. Does anyone know what the nominal impedence ranges for these pickups were? The 2200s seem to be around 5.6k ohms...
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    Colter Wall

    No commentary necessary. But ... like .... maybe .... Johnny Cash and Tom Waits had an illicit lovechild. Dunno.
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    The Antonio Ciacca Quintet: Volare - The Italian-American Songbook

    Warning: no guitars are involved here! The wife and I went to see the Antonio Ciacca Quintet at a very crowded small Jazz supper club a few years back: the quintet, Antonio Ciacca - piano, Cory Weeds - tenor saxophone, Benny Benack III - trumpet/vocals, Paul Gill - bass, Pete van Nostrand -...
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    Up Jumped the Devil: The Real Life of Robert Johnson, by Bruce Conforth, Gayle Dean Wardlow

    I have just finished reading a book I got for Christmas, Up Jumped the Devil: The Real Life of Robert Johnson, by Bruce Conforth, Gayle Dean Wardlow. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is both a Johnson biography and a social history of the times and places of Johnson’s life. It is a...
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    What Santa Brought Me

    I Want to Shoot Out the Bright Lights Tonight ;) Richard & Linda Thompson ‎– Hard Luck Stories 1972-1982 (Box Set, Compilation, Remastered) Thompson was probably an insufierable prat, a total PITA...
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    Multiac Users: What Strings Do You Use?

    I have been tinkering with my recently acquired Godin Multiac. The strings on it were quite old. I did not recognise the brand - nothing distinctive about them. They were quite high tension, though. My Multiac is one of the early models without any bridge saddle (pieces) compensation...
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    Coated Strings - Another Thing to Be Worried About?

    I do not generally use coated guitar strings because I am a cheap and they are usually more expensive. For acoustics, I generally stick to plain old D'Addario Phosphor Bronze, light or medium gauge depending upon the guitar. For electrics, its plain old D'Addarios or Rotosounds...