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    Guild Banjo Strings

    At first I thought it was a metal sign but I think it's actually a pack of strings. If so, I'd never seen Guild Banjo strings before...
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    Cool Norah Jones Tune

    This is one of my favorites of al the great tunes she's recorded. Hope I pasted it right.
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    Norah Jones-"Feels Like Home"

    I posted recently that I've lately really gotten into female vocalists/musicians. I recently ordered 4 new Norah Cd's on Ebay. I wasn't sure what i was getting but each one is superb. My favorite though, and one ya'll should check out if you get the chance is the CD "Feels Like Home". Her...
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    Anyone out there ever played an acoustic with Ziricote wood back and sides???
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    Two Hangmen

    I've been going through all my old CD's and came across some good old memories. One of them is Mason Proffitt. I found 3 brand new CD's, never opened. I bought them to replace the vinyl I long ago wore out. One of my faves is called Two "Hangmen". It was pretty controversial back in the day and...
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    Say What You Want About Ebay....

    But, here's a situation where it worked well for me. (actually, I've had very few issues with Reverb although I believe they sometimes error on the side of protection the buyer way too much at the expense of the seller). But still, the site works for me. 1st off, based on many posts I know...
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    New Guit Day

    Here's another illegal alien I received yesterday. It's the Gibson J 185. I've owned several in the past but let them go for various reasons, likely none of them very good. I think Gibson knocked it out of the park on this particular model, it's always been one of my favorites. This one has the...
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    New Banjitar Day

    So, I mentioned I've been picking up and trying out some other different sounding instruments. I'd recently picked up the Gold Tone Manditar that has a Mandolin body style but 6 strings tuned to standard guitar tuning. That thing is a blast. I liked it so much I just bought the Gold Tone...
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    Metal Wall Art

    I'm redoing my walk out basement. My work crew will be here next week to put up knotty pine walls and ceiling. It will now match the rest of the house. I'm going to make it another music themed room. I've ordered quite a few posters of my favorite artist. I'll get them framed and hang them down...
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    NGD-G 41

    So, I was sitting around last week going over my guitars and feeling like a lucky kinda guy when it struck me that something was missing here. Although I do have enough Mahogany guitars I didn't really have a Jumbo Mahogany. I guess I still don't but although this 1975 G 41 has the classic...
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    Too Much Internet Time????

    I have no recollection ever ordering this T Shirt but it came yesterday.. They don't deliver mail here soo I drive out to a mailbox on a more main road and there it was. I used to be able to blame it on Jack and Coke but now I guess it's just old age. I have a bad case of CRS (can't remember sh--)
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    Coming Soon

    So, I will be selling off somewhere between 15 and 25 guitars starting likely in Mid March, once the weather warms up a bit. I got the Moderator's o.k. to give you a preview here in advance of listing them on Reverb, CL etc. If any of you are interested send me a PM (include your email address)...
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    Copying a pic off the internet

    o.k., so ya'll taught me how to copy and paste a link from a different source to LTG. I've got that down. Yea!!!!! Now, how do I copy a pic(s) from the internet to this site. I right clicked on the image, hit the copy image command and then hit paste to show it on this forum but nothing...
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    Gibson J 185-Reverb

    Yeah, I know there's not a lot of love for Gibson for many of you on this forum. I've always been a bit of a fan myself. But, OMG, the back on this one is pretty special. Not sure about all the glitz etc. on the fingerboard and the price of course is way outside the realm of possibilities for...
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    Good folks on this forum

    Some time ago I mentioned I was looking for a Guild badge for a couple cases of mine where the badge had "disappeared". I didn't expect any gifts. Both Dread and BeeCee gave me a case badge. Thanks guys, I appreciate that very much.
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    Female Artists

    I posted recently how much I love listening to Eva Cassidy CD's. I've gone on a buying spree and likely have bought every CD she's made (I think) Now, I'm listening a lot to Norah Jones and Diana Krall. I love their material as well. There's just something sweet and comforting about a nice...
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    This is my winter of trying out different type instruments. I posted recently about a Gold Tone Mando Guitar I'd bought. That thing is a ton of fun and I'll be keeping her. This newest one is a Savannah Resonator Dobro type guitar I picked up on Ebay. (1st instrument I've bought there in a long...
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    Well, let the hating begin. I'm a fairly weird kinda guy but the good thing is that I accept my weirdness, so not much that anybody says will hurt me or make me feel bad. I just happen to like guitars you don't see everyday. Martin made seven of these "Lady Liberty" D 16's for Sam Ash. Solid...
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    Eva Cassidy

    I've been listening to Eva Cassidy a lot lately. Just a pure, beautiful voice and a sweet guitar player as well. I came across this Utube of Mick Fleetwood talking about her. Ya'll may have seen it already but I hadn't so thought I'd post it for anyone who may be interested. I hope I copied and...
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    1993 D6 NT HG

    I thought I had started a thread on this forum about this particular guitar but I can't find it. So, as you may recall I bought this one on Reverb because it was a good deal and the seller said it was in mint condition. It was not in mint condition but it did sound great. The seller offered me...