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    You think we will ever see a Newark Street S-300?

    If I recall correctly...didn't someone on LTG mention receiving an inquiry from Cordoba/Guild about the potential interest of a reissued S300? M
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    Proper bridge on a 1965 Starfire II

    Actually that is the wrong bridge! That bridge is designed to pivot with the Hagstrom trem. You want the bridge with a through-hole on each side of the bridge. M
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    NGD - S65D

    S70? Didn't know GAD had a S-70 up for review. The two 'hog S70's I messed with were wired up differently. The tobacco burst one had some issues with the pickguard so I repaired it and then modified the wiring a bit more from stock. I don't have the little instruction flyer that came with new...
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    NGD - S65D

    Series/parallel...thats interesting. The humbuckers two bobbins wired in series would act like a normal humbucker, provided the magnets on each bobbin are reversed from each other. The parallel switch position would be like when you have a two pickup single coil guitar with the selector switch...
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    NGD - S65D

    Hey GAD is it the mahogany body that augments the tone of the bridge SD pickup? Just curious. It's been years since I had a hog S300D as I have the ash models. But I really like the tone of the mahogany S70. M
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    Tiger Woods in rollover car accident, sustained multiple leg injuries...

    On Sunday, the son of a guy who I went to grade school with from a little coal region town of 2000 peoplein NE PA won the Genesis PGA tour at Rivera. Max Homa, son of John Homa from Nesquehoning, PA went into the 18th tied and pulled it off! Tiger Wood presented the Rivera Trophy to 30 year old...
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    Naples, Fl. Anyone on LTG live there?

    Not me but my older brother has a place in Naples to do the Snowbird route in the winter months. M
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    Guild QC Manager Pics

    I just a received a SF1 DC in Transparent Red with mahogany. Wow! The hog stripe and finish on this guitar is fantastic. The other SF1's that I purchased were painted so I didn't expect the wood on this guitar to look very impressive but I was wrong. Got it from GC with a 15% discount and free...
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    Let's talk about S-250's & S-25's

    And Guild being a company of exceptions... M started out as smaller archtop like M75 Aristocrat to compete with the newly released Les Paul. So M may have referenced Minature. That nomenclature made sense up until 1972/1973 when the solid body M-75 came out. Guild could have redesignated the...
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    Let's talk about S-250's & S-25's

    S- solid body.
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    Let's talk about S-250's & S-25's

    I definitely like the unbound S250 shape and I also perfer the 4-knobs over 3. For looks the bound models look cool and the 3 knobs add to that look but as a player the contoured unbound S-250 and M80 are the way to go. M
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    Everyone is suffering and here in Vegas.....

    Winter in the North East is typically an enjoyable time of year. We're setup to handle the weather and it is typically a time to hunker down to do things that good weather and plenty of sunshine discourages. For those with a man cave or studio it a time for significant playing and having time...
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    Strings: Billy That Is!

    Markus King was the young guy the blew me away with his performance at the Peachfest in 2019 in Scranton, PA. Had plans to see him at Sweetwater and a few other venues before the pandemic cancellations. Sounds like some excellent young Guitarslinger are out that connect with the music that...
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    Floating a fixed pickup

    Musicians often have insights on what makes a guitar sound a certain way. Rather then the Frankenstein Strat approach of EVH some of earlier concepts may have led to disagreements between artist and luthier. If I recall correctly Johnny Smith wasn't happy in the way the top sound board of his...
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    Your experience with the Korean A-150

    My A150 does have the small diameter transparent volume knob on the pickguard. I usually keep it in the case and didn't notice a tight fit with the lid of the case. I'm away at the moment but will check when I get home this weekend. M
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    Difference between westerly x150D and x175

    Hey GG... I didn't know some X175's had a sound post!? I knew some X500's had them but never knew the X175 did also. M
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    Difference between westerly x150D and x175

    Only the later X150's have Fender humbuckers. Think Corona models. The X150's in the mid to late 90's would have SD1's and guitars before some time in the 90's would have Guild HB1's. I think Fender bought Guild around '95 and the switch from HB-1's to SD1's occurred somewhere along the early to...
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    Floating a fixed pickup

    Research the George Barnes guitar model for more info on this midel and concept. George Barnes theory was uf you floated the pickup you would reduce the feedback of the guitar. He also may have wanted the soundboard to be more lively. One of our LTG folks actually knew George Barnes and he...
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    Your experience with the Korean A-150

    Mine came stock with flat wounds and I was really impressed with how closely it's build was like the Hoboken era guitars. The guitars built at the Westerly facility were/are great but they are much "thicker" than the Hoboken models. Thicker isn't always bad but the lighter built Hoboken's seem...