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    1996 DC5E NT True American?

    The gutar case!
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    Holy Freaking Square Neck!

    I only play in open tunings -- haven't touched standard in 45 years!
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    Holy Freaking Square Neck!

    Liked his playing; his singing, not so much.
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    DR Sunbeams

    I first tried Sunbeams after they were recommended here on LTG some years ago. Nice occasional change from my fall-back strings, D'Addario EJ17s tuned way down. I also enjoy switching to silver-plated silk-and-steels now and then for a different sound. Some guitars respond to them better than...
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    Guild GAD F-1512 String Height: Does this picture suggest a neck/bridge problem?

    Typically the strings are highest at the end of the fretboard extension, and lowest at the nut. Try it at home folks!: I just put a coin under the fretboard extension of my Goodall -- which is perfectly set up -- and there may be a tad more space between strings and frets than with the guitar...
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    Luthier training?

    Dan Erlewine -- little known fact is that Iggy Pop got his start in Dan's teenage band, the Prime Movers, playing drums.
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    Tiger Woods in rollover car accident, sustained multiple leg injuries...

    Tom has it exactly right IMO.
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    1996 DC5E NT True American?

    Ralf's messages are always so vague and unspecific, never to the point! 🙃
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    Guitar Repair Book Reviews

    I have Volume 1 and Volume 2; very good basic info. Teeter was one of the first to publish such a book, pretty much "before the internet," and his books are considered solid and thorough. I'm only able to do very simple repairs, but I am also fascinated by the whole world of guitar history...
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    NGD: 92 D4-12

    You won't get the bass "oomph" that you would on jumbo 12s, but for what some might consider to be one of Guild's "entry level" 12-strings, these are quite decent sounding guitars. A bonus is Guild installed the same quality Grover tuners they were putting on their F412s ansd F512s. I have a...
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    New Guild GF60R

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    Going Up The Country,1928

    Royalties are sometimes complicated by the time factor -- some songs may be Public Domain, or Trad., or it may be unclear who wrote them (the first person to record a song wasn't necessarily the author). Artists can also claim arrangement credits. But there are many clear thefts. Some of the...
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    Totally Professional

    Very good price for (IMO) a very good sounding / good playing guitar.
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    2014 Guild M85 II - Should I get it Plek'd?

    The Plek machines are quite expensive I understand. If the guy near me (in Acton, MA) has done nearly 700 at $250.00 per job, I imagine (I hope!) he's put a serious dent in his cost. But the machines will also have to be maintained, and whatever part is leveling the frets must surely need to be...
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    NGD '94 Guild JV-72

    So happy to see the ol' gal again! I've had occasional misgivings about selling it -- 'twas ever thus! -- but happy it's making other people happy! Sounded unlike any Guild I owned before or since, including the F50R, which it most closely resembles. May it serve you well, Rich!
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    Totally Professional

    On the plus side, it'll hold things together till it can be properly repaaired.
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    Totally Professional

    That’s quite a truss rod cover! But at least it’s not upside-down.
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    Collings owners?

    I have a Collings OM. Nice guitar. I use it for touring Europe and the UK, as it fits easily in the overhead in planes and I don’t get hassled for carrying it onboard. And very dependable. But I have to say, I don’t play it much at home. Doesn’t have the personality of some of my Guilds.
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    2014 Guild M85 II - Should I get it Plek'd?

    Note: I’m 65; have been playing guitar since I was 14, and look askance at pretty much every trendy new way of doing things that comes along. I’ve had many fret jobs over the years, so I know what fret leveling / dressing / crowning — and fret replacement — is all about. What makes sense to me...