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  1. davismanLV

    Seriously most relevant.....

    Made me laugh out loud!!
  2. davismanLV

    Love in a memory...

    I love Nanci Griffith and she does it so well... is it just me or is this an amazing song?
  3. davismanLV

    Everyone is suffering and here in Vegas.....

    I'm so sorry. I really am....
  4. davismanLV

    For those with VERY small hands.....

    And I have trouble with anything less than 1 11/16ths!! Wonder where you'd buy strings??
  5. davismanLV

    Hey, am I hallucinating or is Bob Dylan playing a Guild here???

    As I was listening to this, I thought I detected a Guild bridge, and then a G-shield. You never really see the headstock well. What do you think?
  6. davismanLV

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!!

    Not terribly significant, but snow in Las Vegas is always kinda fun to me. Started yesterday in the high areas and when the weather lifted for a minute or two in the afternoon the mountains were COVERED with snow. Last night dusted everywhere else and they say more is on the way today...
  7. davismanLV

    21 year old Bonnie Raitt opening for the Byrds back in 1971!!!

    This is just TOO good not to hear!!!
  8. davismanLV

    Be careful what you search for!!!

  9. davismanLV

    Not y'alls usual style but a vocalist that I miss so much......

    different type of music than usually occurs here but I thought she was amazing. And the music business and her demon people around her killed her. It's such a horrible business. My girl... Phyllis Hyman..... RIP baby. I know how to love you.
  10. davismanLV

    Judy Collins is just the best. Open the Door.....

    This is 8 years old but I saw her 3-4 years ago here in Vegas with Stephen Stills and she sings better than ever (at 80). Doing one of my favorite songs. Kinda upbeat and happy for me.... I usually go for heartbreak and pain. LOL!!
  11. davismanLV

    Remember Patty Smyth from Scandal???

    I sure do..... what a great vocalist and amazing talent. Here's a reminder of what she was......
  12. davismanLV

    If These Old Walls Could Speak......

    Jimmy Webb the writer with Glen Campbell doing a really fine job with this classic song.
  13. davismanLV

    Joni Mitchell photo on her birthday!!

    Joni's birthday was a few days back and I belong to a Joni group on Facebook. Joni took the time to thank everyone and posted a photo taken on her birthday. Considering her age (77) and all she's been through in the last five years, I'd say she looks just GREAT!!
  14. davismanLV

    Recent Joni Mitchell Interview

    Since her hideous brain aneurysm 5 years ago, appearances have been few and words from her even fewer. This recent one was fun to find. Find it in the Guardian HERE!!
  15. davismanLV

    For all my cat people......

  16. davismanLV

    Lesson 10:

  17. davismanLV

    Lord I just can't stand it, anymore..... Bonnie Raitt

    My new favorite old song.... been too long at the fair.... Lord .....
  18. davismanLV

    Seriously exquisite craftsmanship on Bozo guitar......

    Just stumbled on this BoZo (wish I knew how to put the thing above the Z on his name, Bow-zho) guitar and the exquisite detail just knocked me out!! 40th Anniversary edition. Check out the details, I'm in awe!! Wowza!! HERE!!