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  1. beecee

    I bought a bass......

    A 97 B4CE. I've never played a bass. I've picked one or two up but have never thumped more than 2 notes. Seen a lot of great posts about the B4CE. Of course they're not perfect but seem compelling and it will fit in my little it was reasonably priced and looked great in the pix...
  2. beecee

    If you could only have two....

    From each era. So, forgetting the unicorns, if you were going to build a collection of the most iconic or representative of the respective factories and you had to pick two, with no repeating, what acoustic guitars would you buy? At the risk of insulting anyone I'm going to lump all the post...
  3. beecee

    FS Wechter 8128 RW Dread

    Ok I'm not trying to confuse anyone so apologies in advance...try and follow my ramblings. dapmdave posted about a SMALL bodied Wechter a few years back and I was intrigued. If he thought highly of it they had to have something going on. I could not get the link to stick from the "archives"...
  4. beecee

    Sold 1997 DV-52 $875 plus shipping

    I bought this last August and try as I might I'm not a rosewood guy. I had offered up my F-512 or 412 to a member here and I was somewhat relieved that he took the 512. I've attached THE ORIGINAL REVERB AD from the Seller I purchased from as his pictures are better than I could do. I hope...
  5. beecee

    Other Interests

    I was loading up the book shelves last night and it dawned on me...I like a lot of cool stuff. No, not baseball cards or what some may consider everyday interests. Mostly stuff I enjoyed prior to marriage, (at 45) Examples: Probably 9 books on Formula One..and a lovely framed 1966 Monaco...
  6. beecee

    Oldest Ibanez 645 acoustic

    Always had a soft spot for old Japanese guitars. Caught the eye of the Hans Moust of Ibanez. Chazmo used to post on this forum! Dear seller, I'm Gemberbier...
  7. beecee

    My Madeira A-30R

    Found these pix while I was loading up the F20 pix. I took these one morning after playing it for a few last August. The Adirondack air must have agreed with it as it had been the sonic runt of my 5 Madeiras. This has really opened up. It hangs off the wall up there from late April to mid...
  8. beecee

    Guild OM 260CE Deluxe Stopped in last night to pick up what I had hoped was a mis ID'd D-25-12 per a thread in the ebay/craigslist section of the forums and while waiting for them to do the...
  9. beecee

    Sold 1994 F-20

    Well something followed me home yesterday and that dumb String Swing rack system I set up is a painful reminder of the fact that I need to curb my guitar consumption. I bought this from Richard back in July and it is just lovely. The only reason I'm letting this go is I really wanted one in...
  10. beecee

    Odd location for a fret??

    Early 70's MIJ Epi 12 string. This one is near me and I saw one similar on ebay, both have that unusual first fret placement. Any reason for that or just poor design??
  11. beecee

    Getting there...slowly.

    Finally had some spare time to mount the String Swing 5 guitar racks. Wanted to place on adjacent walls but 1 of the only 2 walls large enough is poured concrete. Yup, poured concrete. I found the old blueprints a few months back and referred to them to see what the heck was going on. There...
  12. beecee

    David Bromberg...way back when

    Last live show I saw was him in Homer NY. Didn't play this but such a great song.... EDIT: a tad un PC
  13. beecee

    Neat 3D Printing Story

    Here's How BMW Is 3D-Printing Metal and Plastic Parts (
  14. beecee

    Mystery Nightbird GG Gutz Here are the pix of the cavity of my odd ball Nightbird. Someone did some fine work
  15. beecee

    NGD Nightbird GG

    Prior to my lockdown I saw this about half an hour after my last pass on GC. Guess I wasn't feeling all that good as I was being a bit of a bum. No picture, no description...price seemed ok so I jumped Finally able to get to the store today...
  16. beecee

    Seven Days In the Hole!

    So tonight marks my last full day of isolation due to being tested Covid positive. Get to go back to "normalcy" tomorrow. I feel really bad for my wife, she busted her hump to get the bedroom all set for us when we moved into the new house 2 weeks ago and then she had to relegate it to a sick...
  17. beecee

    Decisions decisions-and a don't laugh question

    Most of the electrics I've owned in the past were pretty well unplayed after getting married as I've always gravitated to acoustics with wife and child running around...which I am sure my wife is very grateful for. Sold off some beauties over the years but have a cool Jackson I kept just...
  18. beecee

    Jackson Performer PS 7

    Setting up the new guitar room, (we move Monday!!) I got two sets of String Swing 5 guitar wall racks. I had brought them up in an earlier post and Frono asked me an obvious, but not to me, question...where are you gonna put the empty cases.....Luckily I've had time to think and I built some...
  19. beecee

    Zager Guitars

    While doing some research for the Beautiful Guitar Ugly Feet thread I stumbled on a Zager ZAD 80. Interesting web site, lots of claims...anyone familiar with them?
  20. beecee

    Daylight Savings Time

    Not my favorite time of year. I typically struggle to stay up past 9 p.m. if I'm not moving about and my typical wake up time is 3 a.m. So now I'll drive to work in the dark, drive home in the dark and start waking up at 2 a.m. I've never really been able to adjust unless I get into a project...