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    Too much information?

    I'm as guilty as the next guy, maybe more, of spending far too much time on forums. It is becoming more apparent how the internet and the mountains of data it provides can have a paralyzing effect on the way we think about instruments. Back in the good old days, you were lucky enough to have a...
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    Jeremy Sheppard Guild buy

    Rare he ever buys a new guitar.
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    Topics Forum to Forum

    Like everyone else, I've been spending more time online, most recently on the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum. A lot of the discussions over there seem to center on how much people are willing to spend on the latest ultra spendy authentics, and the investment potential (LOL) of the latest artist...
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    F 50 sighting

    Griffon has a very clean F 50. Late 70s I think, heavier than an anchor and very bright as you might expect, but in great shape.
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    My D 35

    I've spent the last two weeks just playing my 70 D 35. I've a new appreciation for it. It's evenness is superb, and the neck is perfect. Beat up enough I can take it anywhere without worry. The top comes alive, clear and resonant at the same time. Well worth the considerable sum I spent fixing...
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    63 m 20

    Went to a small acoustic performance Friday night. One of the band members had a sweet Guild M 20. It was a totally acoustic show. No PA. That little guitar could be heard just fine. Wish it were mine.
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    Very nice D 25

    Gryphon Strings has a very clean 1988 D 25 for sale, around $900. Looks new. Has an insane bass response. Johnny Cash here we come. Someone would be happy with a guitar this cheap and this clean.
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    D 55 question

    A guy over at AGF bought a D 55 with a Guild Shield sticker with no location city. He wanted to know where and approximately when it was made.
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    Starfire III

    I'm usually in the acoustic section but thought I'd comment on a new Starfire III I'm setting up for a friend. First of all, he got a screaming deal on a going out of business sale. $795. This is a really nice guitar. My son in law has a 68 Starfire IV, and the necks are pretty much the same...
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    Oxnard Guilds

    Has anyone seen one actually for sale?
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    Guild sighting

    FYI, there is a D 25 from 1975 in extremely good condition at Gryphon Stringed Instruments right now. Can't remember $925 or $975, so that is pretty much the near mint top dollar now. There was a higher end F something rosewood Guild too. I didn't have any time to spare, and I was enamored of a...
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    Imagine my amazement

    Went to a local open mic and a guy has a beautiful old F 512. Just lovely. Afterword, I went over to him and said nice guitar, 512? I thought I'd give him a little opening to brag on it. His reply? I don't know, but it's old. Hard to believe that, but I've run into this a few times lately...
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    Reevaluation of my 1970 D 35

    Now that I've had it back for several months after the neck reset, etc. , I thought I'd give it a reevaluation. The verdict is the same and even better. This may be the most versatile guitar I own. This is due to it's remarkable clarity. I was playing some ragtime and country blues fingerpicking...
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    D 35 tuners

    The original tuners on my 1970 D 35 are starting to bug me. They work. That is about all you can say about them. If I were to change them, I'd want to go with a close match keeping the three on a plate style. Has anyone used the Stew Mac strip tuners? Do they fit?
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    D 35 a few weeks in

    I feel the urge to post after having my D 35 back from it's extensive repair work. I've been playing this guitar now for a couple of weeks, with the same strings it came back with (SIT Royals). Pretty much everything I was excited about still has me enthusiastic about the guitar. I've had the...
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    Truss rod adjustment D 35

    Now I've beat on my D 35, things are settling in and I have buzz on the high E from fret 3 to 8, prime truss rod territory. Low and behold, it is a nut instead of a hex. I have sockets but they are too big on the outside. Special tool needed? Seems odd. I can take it to my luthier but a quarter...
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    Resurected 1970 D 35

    Here are some pictures of my rebuilt D 35. It has many battle scars that don't show up in the pics. It is a great sounding and playing guitar now. Bought fifteen years ago in unplayable condition, brought out of the closet a year ago, and finally finished yesterday, it is by far the longest NGD...
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    Countdown to ecstacy

    My luthier has called me twice in the last week about finish issues and tuner replacement on my 1970 D 35, so I'm just weeks away now after my year long wait. Won't repeat the story, but my neck had the finish sanded off decades ago, so we're going with very light nitro to seal it. The tuners...
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    Wait is almost over

    Went to my luthier to get some bridge pins for one of my other guitars and asked the proverbial when will I get my D 35 back question, and much to my amazement, was told the neck had been reset and the refret was underway, so it is just a matter of a week or so. It will be a week either way of...
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    I don't get it..F 30 content

    Went into Gryphon Stringed Instruments yesterday, and they still have the F 30 hanging on the wall. This is a sweet sounding and good playing guitar, at half the price of guitars that were really to me no better. It held its own with some boutique, and admittedly beautiful, guitars. Close your...