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    Need help identifying a 1975 dreadnought

    My 70 D 35 is exactly like your 69. Also there was a thread recently about D 40 headstock logos, and from that discussion, they said D 40s had the silkscreen logo for a while.
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    It Makes You Wonder

    Carter's has been in business a long time. They know exactly what the market is, and I hear they discount heavily. They are in a very competitive market. If it were the sound I was looking for, I'd consider it. My least favorite look is shiny brand new, and a clean guitar of that age is a red...
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    Vintage D-40 headstock differences

    I've often wondered why Guild even bothered with the D 35, as they are so similar. I think the inlay on the headstock was something they decided to do to make it appear more upscale. They certainly used tuners to make this statement too. And yes, they made use of cosmetically flawed wood on the...
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    So what made Guild the go to for 12 strings?

    I think Guild's signature tone across the board is balanced. When converted to twelve strings it makes for a less muddy low end.
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    1981 D 70

    I have a luthier, the one that rebuilt my D 35, who will not do a setup without a fret level and crown. At first I though he was an arrogant so and so who was nuts. Now I know he's just an arrogant so and so. A fret level is the gateway to good playableity.
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    Smaller bodied 12 string?

    An F 112 would be a logical move.
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    Lockdown is good for my guitars...

    I've restrung a bunch of guitars lately. Time is not an issue as I am retired, but I went and splurged on a Frank's Crank and love the thing. String companies should be paying Frank Ford a commission. Stay disciplined, stay safe.
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    Has anyone here tried a Schatten Active Pickup

    Technically, I own two, a custom blender which they put in a box for an open mic, and a Stage DI which replaced a FireEye. I have Dazzos in six guitars so needed one good outboard unit. If I had only one guitar, i'd look at an onboard unit depending on need. The gain stage is basically the...
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    Smaller bodied 12 string?

    My favorite 12 is the F 112 a friend owns. He really likes my Pono OP30-12, witch is an 0 size that really puts out the sound, plus its a 12 fret too witch increases the comfort. It's also got a nice pickup. PM if any interest.
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    Considering the F20 due to shoulder woes....

    You might also first consider getting a bar stool and using a strap. The position change might in itself be enough.My M 36, being the depth of an OM, had a less reach over the top. Really, it had everything but bluegrass power. I replaced it with a D 35 custom.
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    Has anyone here tried a Schatten Active Pickup

    I have been using Dazzos for several years now and have them in six guitars. Pared with a SunnAudio pre, either onboard or external, it's everything I want or need in a pickup. I bought a guitar last year with K&Ks in it and they didn't last a week.
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    Considering the F20 due to shoulder woes....

    I'm turning 70 this month, and have no shoulder issues from playing guitars. Trimming trees, yes, but I have only recently, five or six years, been playing dreads and maybe that is why. I own guitars down to 0 size and have come to appreciate them for what they are, not what they are not. If you...
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    Thoughts on Value of a Westerly ‘99 D-40?

    A D 55 is one good reason to sell a D 40. It took me a couple or four decades to own a few guitars and I'm keeping them and likely not adding more. Right now my Martin Custom D 35 fills the rosewood dread slot. But the last D 55 I played dusted a room chock full of Martin, Gibson, and Taylors.
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    So what exactly is the difference between the D-40 and D-35?

    Once again, the written word fails to convey my sarcasm.
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    So what exactly is the difference between the D-40 and D-35?

    The pics above seem to validate the D 35s got the inferior spruce, like my D 35's bearclaw. Look at those tone killing stripes in the spruce!
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    So what exactly is the difference between the D-40 and D-35?

    Does a 70 D 40 have different binding from a 70 D 35? My 70 D 35 has, from the inside, w/b/w thin strips plus a thicker black binding on the outside. It is interesting that threads like this make you take a good look at your guitar. Prior to this, I couldn't have told you.
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    So what exactly is the difference between the D-40 and D-35?

    I wish I had experience with an early 70s D 40. The later, I believe I played a 78 and an 84, D 40s I've tried did nothing for me as I don't care for the heavier builds. The D 35 was built to a price point. The tuners, as my luthier put it, are adequate. They work and I decided to keep them...
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    Here is a beautiful 1969 Guild D35

    My 70 is pretty much the same, except it has black binding instead of the tortoise, and a now faded decal logo instead of inlay. They also really like fresh strings, perhaps more than any other guitar I own. Mine looks like it's seen a few more bars. I just love this era.
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    Trying to make a decision - DS-240 or D-260e/ce

    It has been a very long time since I've shopped this market level, so take that into consideration. If I were, I'd put my money into the best sounding and playing guitar I could buy, and until I was able to buy something like a used Martin D 15 or a beat up old Guild D 25, I'd sell what I had...
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    LR Baggs Anthem SL??? K&K

    No matter the output of a piezo pickup, you need an impedance matching devise or any piezo is going to be shrill. I've had to explain this to many K&K owners. Shame on all the stores and installers who fail to educate their customers, and K&K owners who do not read the instruction manual. Any...