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    FS Guild D40 2003 Custom Shop

    Guild D40 Protoype #2, completed in the Guild Custom Shop, Nashville TN, in 2003. Finished in clear gloss lacquer by its previous owner and Guild Custom Shop Master Finisher Jon Kornau. Very good-to-excellent cosmetic condition. Some minor finish checking, strum marks on pick guard. No cracks...
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    FS DeArmond T-400 Tennessee Orange

    Believed to be an early 2000's-era model. MIK, DeArmond 2K pickups. Good condition, plays well, sounds good - and twangy, to my ears ;) With non-original bright red HSC, asking $725 OBO + shipping. Over 50 high-resolution photos
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    DeArmond S-73 matched pair

    Pics of siblings - just for fun :)
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    The Brown Sound - Guild Mahogany Dreads

    Without leaving this page, opening any others, or downloading and opening in an image editor for enhancement - can you identify the model and year (or era) of these 9 mahogany-top Guild dreads? There may be more than one of the same model, and at least one spoiler :devilish:
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    Sold DeArmond S-67 (7-String)

    DeArmond S-67 7-string, good overall condition, does have scratches, scuffs, dings and dents throughout. Finish crack at input jack. Not sure of year but probably an '00 or an '01. With padded gig bag. $295 shipped (continental US only) OBO Photos
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    Elle Sera rockin' a Guild

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    Guild GX early 90s

    Serial # HJ000762, $600. Good condition, typical minor dings, dents, scratches, scuffs, chipping, swirl marks, etc, throughout. Noticeable color shift in the finish, which according to the '90 catalog was originally blue, now looks more like a faded blue-green. Gloss finish on the body is good...
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    Guild F40 1980

    ***SOLD*** Guild F40 made in Westerly RI, an '80 according to published Guild serial pdf. Various minor dings, dents, scratches, scuffs, chips, finish checking, swirl marks on pickguard, some picking marks on body, small crack at sound-hole from bottom right of fretboard, very slight warp on...
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    Guild F30 1998

    ***SOLD*** Guild F30 1998 Westerly Guild F30 made in Westerly RI, possibly a '97 or a little later, based on published Guild serial pdf, $750. Various minor dings, dents, scratches, scuffs, chips, small areas of finish checking, swirl marks on pickguard, some picking marks on body, very slight...
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    RIP Ric Ocasek

    Damn it's been a rough few days for rockers. Loved The Cars!
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    Guitar packing & shipping Hall of Shame

    I've been misadventuring in Guild world for long enough that I've begun to believe there's a special place in hell for folks who don't or won't pack a guitar right for shipping, and I think it probably looks something like the inside of what's in the following photos, if it was on fire...
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    Westerly-era finish question

    Did Westerly ever spray poly on anything? Or was everything NCL?
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    1986 Guild D15M

    ***SOLD*** Beautiful all-mahogany arch-back 1986 Guild D15M. Dings, dents, scratches, normal usage wear throughout. Satin finish has been worn to gloss in areas. 1 5/8" nut, excellent neck angle, good playing condition, great sounding example of an all-hog original Westerly arch-back dread...
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    1981 Guild D55 NT

    ___ ______________________________
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    Fretboard divots?

    Vintage flat-back D25 I've been looking at... guitar looks good overall but I'm concerned about the fretboard divots between the first 3 frets. Very little wear on the rest of the guitar from what I can see. I've never played a guitar with this condition. How or do these divots affect...
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    1985 Guild D17M

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    1990 Guild D30-BLD for sale

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    New Hygrometer Day

    Sure am enjoying glancing at the numbers on this - shopped around quite a bit before stumbling upon:happy:. It's a little over 5 1/8" OD (not including flange) and about 1 1/2" D overall...
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    Trippin' on a Tennesse Orange sunshine Guild DCE-3

    There I was, in one of those late night zones, sleepily cruising the craigslist national highway... stopped off in Nashville TN, poked around... and suddenly there it was... a Tennessee Orange DCE-3, apparently in good overall condition, had been listed for over a week - wow! Jolted me...
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    Guild for sale

    Plays great, good action... no reasonable offers refused!