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  1. SFIV1967

    The wait is over.

    Maybe they moved to CNC for the bracings now but at least in a 2018 interview, Guild President Jon Thomas said, the bracings were still handmade and not CNC. (Don't start commenting on his statement about "some rougher work", we had discussed that before...) Ralf
  2. SFIV1967

    GC again

    I guess what might happen this time is they will file for Chapter 11 and reorganize/refinance and come out of it in 2021. So maybe a few stores get closed in the process. Can't imagine they would go out of business. To many suppliers depend on them. Ralf
  3. SFIV1967

    How much is a custom ‘74 F-48 worth?

    I don't think there was a mahogany stained F-48, so that guitar was most likely a "Special order", which one could call a "custom" model. Since the label is missing it's hard to tell but you already mentioned it was most probably a "F-48 Spec.". Condition wise that guitar looks to be pretty...
  4. SFIV1967

    What's with this Flyer Bass?

    Well, we will see! But I can't remember a discussion here about one and also can't remember a picture. Ralf
  5. SFIV1967

    Incoming Madeira EG-250, looks like a cool guitar?

    That Japan to Korea switch was first for the acoustic Madeiras in the 70ies. I have read Kasuga made the Madeira acoustic guitars for Guild in the 1970s. That seems to fit. The electrics obviously also moved later on from Japan to Korea but above EG-250 and EG-330 models still have "Made in...
  6. SFIV1967

    What's with this Flyer Bass?

    Ah, o.k.., I think I misunderstood what you said initially. All clear now. I'm not aware that there is a 6 string with Pilot body. Ralf
  7. SFIV1967

    What's with this Flyer Bass?

    Agreed! But it would not be Guild if they wouldn't mix up such numbers and letters in the now two different pieces of literature. Calling the S-280 a SB-280 and calling the SB-280(P1K) a S-280(P1K)... Ralf
  8. SFIV1967

    What's with this Flyer Bass?

    Why "by accident" ? Ralf
  9. SFIV1967

    Incoming Madeira EG-250, looks like a cool guitar?

    Those 1981-1984 EG (Electric Guitar) models were possibly made in the Matsumoko factory in Japan according to Michael Wrigth's book, page 51. Not sure however, others mentioned Tokai, see also below regarding the pickups. Michael Wright wrote on page 51 if Guitar Stories Vol. 2: "In January of...
  10. SFIV1967

    New 2020 Guild D-55E

    You don't have to accept the replacement, you could take the money and get one elsewhere. One of the shops where I bought a few good guitars is this family owned one, I can highly recommend the Hermann brothers (about 2 hours west of Munich), they seem to have both the D-55 and D-55E. Call them...
  11. SFIV1967

    Pic from Today's Shoot

    ...and who got the matching gig bag with it? (not mine...) Ralf
  12. SFIV1967

    Fret Polishing options?

    To further complicate things, Micro-Mesh is available in 4 different versions and "regular" US or European sandpaper is totally different in grid, so to use your example, 2400 grey = 800-1000 US but P1500-P2000 Europe. Crazy... Ralf
  13. SFIV1967

    What's with this Flyer Bass?

    The 1983 Modern Aviation Flyer mentions a SB-280 but without pictures, however there is a 6 string S-280 on the page, so the "SB" might very well be a typo and should have read "S-280"... And I guess that also confused "Guitar Stories Vol. 2" by Michael Wright page 56: So I guess that...
  14. SFIV1967

    BGUF - Beautiful Guitar, Ugly Feet

    Cool guitar... Ralf
  15. SFIV1967

    What's with this Flyer Bass?

    You mean the one on the left... Well, it's called a "Flyer S-280...". "P1" maybe "Prototype 1" ? Have never seen another picture of one. Who knows where it is hidden... Ralf
  16. SFIV1967

    Fret Polishing options?

    I usually use two such thin metal fretboard guards (depending on area of the fretboard) when polishing the frets, that way I don't touch the fretboard wood. Ralf
  17. SFIV1967

    Guild G312 or G212

  18. SFIV1967

    FS Original Guild Bridge parts

    Hans Moust might be interested, you might want to send him your list of items. Ralf
  19. SFIV1967

    Schaller M6

    The lower/right one (round) seems to be the older 70ies or 80ies version and the top/left one (trapezoid) a newer version. Ralf
  20. SFIV1967

    Sold Vintage Jetstar/S 50

    Very cool!